Weak Eyesight and Depression

April 10, 2015by Hassan Jaffer

Weak Eyesight and Depression

What to Expect During an Adverse Saturn-Moon Transit. You may be getting adverse transits from Saturn to your natal Moon, or you may be born with a Moon Saturn aspect or have Moon in Capricorn. These aspects always have certain characteristics in common.

When transiting Saturn makes a negative aspect to your natal Moon, then you will experience the following:

• You will have much more discipline to finish things that you have been procrastinating.

• This is an excellent transit for meditation or fasting and any activity which requires self-discipline.

• You will have more emotional control which is good for giving up negative habits like smoking.

• You may experience mental fatigue and more need for sleep.

• You need to pace yourself and give yourself extra rest. Make sure you get enough sleep otherwise the lines will really show!

• Take more iron as you might be somewhat anemic now.

• Be careful of glandular problems and exercise regularly to stimulate your metabolic rate. Eat small portions throughout the day to increase your metabolic rate.

• Your home and family life will go through a trying period (the Queen of England had this transit throughout ’92 during the Windsor Castle fire).

• Your parents may need extra health care or may age considerably during this period.

• You and your parents may need to have your eyes checked, and are also prone to arthritis and joint problems now.

• This transit repeats itself every seven years, so whatever is happening also occurred approx seven years ago.

• You may not have much choice in being alone, just do not feel too lonely. Get involved with earth-related hobbies like landscaping, sculpture, pottery or renovations.

• Avoid self-pity and make a conscious effort to socialize to avoid depression and feeling lonely.

• Watch comedies, smile, and laugh more often.

• This is not the best time to sell real estate because the property value usually goes down during this transit, but it is a good time for renovating your home or investment property.

• You may experience conflicts with older women or your mother.

• You are prone to skin-related problems now. This especially applies to those with Moon in Capricorn (later in this article).

Although this transit will stabilize your emotions, those with Moon in Virgo and Pisces are especially prone to self-pity and feelings of sadness. You also need to be careful about your parent’s health.


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Saturn and Moon Connection

If you are born with an adverse Saturn-Moon aspect, then all the points mentioned in this article will apply to you all your life. You will need to take more iron, get enough sleep, and make a conscious effort to smile and laugh. Can depression cause vision problems? Emotional causes of eye problems


weak eyesight and depression saturn moon


You also need to be extra careful of your eyesight as most eye problems can be traced to this aspect (Jose Feliciano, the musician, and guitarist, was blind since birth and is born with Moon sq Saturn. However, it is important to understand that although every blind person has a Saturn-Moon aspect, not everyone with a Moon Saturn aspect is blind).

Benjamin Keough Presley was the son of Lisa Marie Presley and the grandson of Elvis Presley who took his own life due to depression. Using AstroCalendar families can keep an eye on each other and prevent such tragedies. Often are natural outlets that these individuals can use to sublimate their depression.

Besides depression, this aspect also leads to isolation. Mohammed Ali, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Sophia Loren, and Ray Charles were all born with an adverse Saturn-Moon aspect.


Autism and Asperger’s

We found a definite correlation between Autism/Aspergers and a natal Moon Saturn adverse aspect.

Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome also often have a Moon-Saturn aspect and they tend to be socially shy and work hard totally ignoring the needs of their own body.

The most famous person and the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, has Asperger’s and is born with a Moon Saturn aspect (square).

This makes him emotionally very tough and adds to his sarcastic wit! Elon Musk is also known to work 18 hours at his factory!

A Moon Saturn aspect is excellent for top athletes who ignore their bodies and work at their peak all the time.

It is also great for top personal trainers who push their clients to achieve top performance. However, these trainers are really meant for the top athletes and can be very demanding.

Individuals whose parents were separated when young, or were denied affection from one of their parents, are usually born with this aspect. Often, they set themselves up for unhappy family life by having a very pessimistic outlook and no children.

However, this is an excellent aspect for those involved with landscaping and renovation of older properties. Interestingly, most British people including Queen Elizabeth, are born with this aspect and dislike any public display of emotions (stiff upper lip!).

The following subscribers are born with an adverse aspect between Moon and Saturn:

Public Figures: Aishwarya Rai, Brad Pitt, Elon Musk, David Beckham, and Kate Hudson.

Reserved Emotions: Everyone who is born with Moon in Capricorn (which is similar in meaning but not as difficult as having a negative aspect between Moon and Saturn), because Capricorn is “ruled” by Saturn. You will be reserved in your feelings but more dependable in your friendships as well:

Public Figures: Aishwarya Rai, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler, Mia Farrow, Matt Damon, Sarah Jessica Parker, and The Rock.

Moon sq Saturn (or any adverse aspect between Moon and Saturn) is one of the key aspects of depression and these people often don’t have a happy home and family. In fact, they usually set themselves up for depression.

Moon represents your home, family, and moods as well as your vision. Saturn adversely aspected to the Moon often indicates the separation of parents or one parent missing and the mother coming in between the affection of the father.

This aspect increases one’s emotional resolve because it takes away the feelings for a happy home. Women who are born with it may contribute to unhappiness at home by divorcing or being insensitive to the needs of their children and encouraging their breakups. 

Saturn blocks the subconscious when it adversely aspects the Moon and leads to being emotionally cruel (which is good for certain professions like the army or nursing! One way to offset this aspect is landscaping, gardening, and woodwork.


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Weak Eyesight and Depression are often indicated by an adverse aspect between the Moon and Saturn.

There are certain people who always seem to have a lot of energy, while there are others who always seem to need more rest. Although any aspect from Saturn to your natal Moon can make you feel tired, an adverse aspect seems to reflect this more.

Here we will discuss the effects of adverse aspects from Saturn on your natal Moon (conjunction, square, opposition, etc.) that you are either born with (natal aspect) or are experiencing for a few months because of Saturn’s transit.

the moon

Moon represents your home and family, your parents and your relationship with them (particularly the mother), or older female members of the family, and your emotional response and reaction to events, places, or people.

It also represents your emotions, moods, and areas where you seek emotional security. Moon also reflects your subconscious mind and dreams.

The house position of the Moon will show the areas of instability and where you act because of mood swings. For example, if you have Moon in Aries in your second house (earnings), you will have impulsive financial splurges, especially when you are upset.

However, Saturn will stabilize this tendency if it makes any aspects to your natal Moon position. One way to “offset” this aspect is through property renovation or landscaping.

Any aspect from Saturn to your natal Moon will inhibit the mind, imagination, display of feelings, and enthusiasm for anything. These aspects are good for Fire signs to counter their over-enthusiastic nature, but it makes Water signs depressed and Earth signs too serious.

If you were born with Moon in a Fire or Air sign i.e. Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius, then a Saturn-Moon aspect or transit can be very helpful for achievement. However, it is emotionally inhibiting and depressing for those who have Moon in Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

The most obvious trait of people who have Saturn-Moon aspects is that they always seem to need more sleep!

When I am interpreting the charts of people with Saturn Moon aspects, I get drained easily because of their tired look and lack of emotional expression, unless I am doing a blind chart i.e. they are not present at all!

It is almost as if their negative or rather pessimistic attitude pulls people down.


Can Depression Cause Vision Problems?

As Moon represents your subconscious mind, vision, and dreams, any Saturn-Moon adverse aspect can lead to weak eyesight.

However, it is not depression that is causing the vision problems but depression is due to a Moon-Saturn and which is also weak eyesight.

The Saturn-Moon aspect inhibits your access to your subconscious mind which is such a valuable tool of nature to understand your inner mind.

You may have difficulty remembering your dreams and can also hurt others without realizing it.

It often indicates an unhappy childhood or denial of affection from one of the parents. We often find parents separated and later on separated from their own families.

The house being transited by Saturn will reflect the area of sadness.


Saturn making adverse aspects to one’s natal Moon can really age them and add lots of grey hair and lines on the face. So if you are born with this aspect or are experiencing it by transit (for about one year), make sure you give yourself enough sleep, take care of your parent’s health, and use lots of good quality face cream!

Saturn-Moon aspects can lead to loneliness and depression, and manic depressive phases if Uranus is also accepting the Moon. I have also found the Saturn-Moon aspect to be a key indicator of anemia, low blood pressure, low metabolic rate, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Saturn goes around your chart in 29 to 30 years and makes many different angles to your natal Moon. A positive aspect or transit from Saturn increases your emotional stability, while an adverse transit can lead to pessimistic feelings.

When Saturn makes an adverse aspect to your natal Moon(conjunction, square, opposition, and other minor aspects), you will experience a lack of public response and feelings of despondency and lethargy. This also applies to some extent to those of you who have Moon in Capricorn because Saturn “rules” this sign.




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