Your Best Days for Love

Your best days for love matters and relationships are when the Sun makes any aspects to your natal Venus by transit. As the Sun transits your chart, it goes through all the 12 houses and makes many different angles to your Venus position at birth. It makes different angles or “transiting aspects” as astrologers call them.

Just like the Sun comes back to its own position on your birthday (Sun cnj natal Sun), it travels through the 12 houses and makes the aspects around the same date, every year, all your life.

Venus represents love and also money. Basically, anything which affects your pleasure centers in the brain is the product of Venus especially when it comes to love matters.



Same Dates, Every Year, All your Life!

What is really interesting is that it also makes the important angles to your natal Venus (love and financial happiness) and around the same dates every year. In other words, whether it makes conjunction, a square or an opposition, it will always be within 1 to 3 days to the same date for all of them. So if Sun makes any aspect to your Venus on 25th Jan, then all the other day will also be around the 25th of the month.

The days when transiting Sun makes any aspect to your natal Venus, these are your best days for love!

In other words, your luck in love matters will always be around the last week of the month. Some months, it may not make any aspect but when it does, it will always be around the same date of the month.

There are two months a very year which are also very important for love and relationships. When the Sun transits your 5th house (love affairs and emphasis on speculation and your talents) and your 7th house (marriage and relationships), these last for a month each and are very positive for you as well. There is also a very harmonious relationship with those who are born around your best days for love!

Our Solar Report is based on the Sun’s transit around all the 12 houses as well as all the transiting aspects it makes to all the planets for any year, It is the same timing, every year, all your life so you only need this report once.

Hassan Jaffer

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