Your Best Time to Write and Publish

April 9, 2015by Hassan Jaffer

Your Best Time to Write and Publish


When transiting Jupiter makes any aspect to your natal Mercury (conjunction, square, opposition, etc.), you will experience a luck element in all matters pertaining to communication.

Mercury represents your intellect and this transit makes you want to increase your knowledge. You will want to learn new things, and Jupiter will stimulate the philosophical side of your nature.

Some people are born with a lucky Jupiter Mercury aspect and always have some of the qualities described in this article.

They will always be interested in philosophy, foreign countries, foreign lands, and their culture, reading books that focus on positive motivation and self-knowledge.

They are natural teachers and love to communicate. Mercury is in a water sign, it makes one more intuitive but not as communicative as when Mercury is in an Air sign or Fire sign:

However, you will also find yourself constantly running out of time by taking on too many projects.

Instead of following the writing routines of famous authors or writing every day, wouldn’t it be much more effective if you wrote when you are getting a Jupiter Mercury transit!  Your best time to write and publish is exactly why we made AstroCalendar so you can plan ahead of time.  This article applies to everyone but AstroCalednar also shows you when it applies to you and for how long!

When Jupiter makes any aspect to your natal Mercury, then you will experience the following:


Jupiter-Mercury Related Themes


The following image shows all the related Mercury-Jupiter themes:

best time to write and publish jupiter-mercury-luck-in-writing

AstroCalendar for Your Transits

We have a unique website Astrocalendar which is personalized for you and your family.

All of these articles help you understand the transits but the timing and duration (how long does it last) are in Astrocalendar.

The calculations are already there and all you need to do is check out the interpretation.

While you learn the practical application of the best astrology rules, you will get to learn astrology as well!


Positive Jupiter-Mercury Transit

• You will have better timing in all forms of communication.

• You will be more broadminded and philosophical and will have a thirst for knowledge. Just make sure that you do not scatter yourself and lose focus.

•This is an excellent time to increase your knowledge, but pace yourself and limit the number of courses you take, otherwise, you will keep running out of time and not finish your homework.

• This transit is better for courses in languages, philosophy, law, and general interest rather than hard sciences and technical subjects which require more concentration and discipline (Saturn).

• Jupiter Mercury is one of the luckiest transits for contracts and negotiations. You will probably get new business cards printed, purchase new stationery and write more letters.

•You will become extremely interested in foreign cultures, foreign languages, philosophy, religion, self-improvement courses, literature, and the law.

• You will buy more books on literature, philosophy, astrology, and languages.

•It is very easy to learn a new language now, especially the conversational part.

• Most public speakers are born with a Jupiter-Mercury aspect and you will become somewhat of a preacher now.

• For those in business, you will have increased sales, more clients or students, and a luck element in contracts.

•You will receive favorable news through the mail, email, or telephone calls.

•This period marks the end of delays in communication and the beginning of a lucky period when your projects start moving forward. Just don’t procrastinate.

• Watch your long-distance bills as you are likely to speak a lot now!

•You will take on too many projects, so pace yourself and do not overestimate your time.

•Excellent time for buying gadgets like fax or recording machines and getting new telephones installed or getting new numbers.

•1ou also have a luck element when it comes to buying computers and getting free software or at discount prices.

• Although you may lack the discipline to write, anything started now will be published.

• Do not procrastinate in writing a book, or material for a workshop or seminar.

•Your ideas will come naturally and easily now.

•Read the fine print when signing legal papers because you will be more trusting and will tend to ignore details.

•You are very prophetic during this period and people are willing to listen to your viewpoints because of your optimistic approach. In fact, you will be like a preacher now!

• You will meet people who are usually quite knowledgeable and prophetic and involved with the law, philosophy, and education. You will also meet many writers and publishers.

• Recognize that your timing is excellent for all contractual matters, advertising campaigns, and negotiations, so make a conscious effort to deal with any leases, legal matters, and Public Relations.

Public Figures:

Those with Mercury in Sagittarius show many of the mentioned traits of Jupiter Mercury aspects as Sagittarius is “ruled” by Jupiter. Being a Fire sign, Mercury in Sagittarius is probably one of the best signs for positive motivation(Dale Carnegie), natural enthusiasm, and a very optimistic attitude. However, if you have Saturn aspects of your Mercury by birth, it can dampen some of the enthusiasm.


People who are born with Mercury in Sagittarius

Public Figures: Bryan Adams, Carlos Castaneda (teachings of Don Juan), Jane Austin (first female writer), Martin Luther, Mao Tse Tung, Nostradamus, Robert Ripley (believe it or not!), Rudyard Kipling, Rich Little (impressionist), Rod Stewart, Sammy Davis Jr., Steven Spielberg, Ted Turner (started CNN), Tina Turner, Uri Geller, Woody Allen, Yogananda.

Although this may seem farfetched I really believe that science would have progressed far enough someday to actually invent Jupiter pills that I thought of almost 20 years ago!

However, someone will have to first identify what Mercury in Sagittarius actually means in terms of neural pathways.

Those of you who are getting a Jupiter Mercury transit is simply being able to use many parts of the brain. This turn will make you broad-minded, more philosophical (when you think of faraway lands and bigger projects) and your need to communicate to the masses will increase.


jupiter-mercury related



You may have noticed that every so often you become like a preacher and start giving advice to everyone around you! This is probably the time when Jupiter touches off your natal Mercury! If you are born with this aspect, then you will speak like a “house on fire” and preach through a newsletter yourself at some point!

In this article, we will discuss the lucky transit of Jupiter Mercury i.e. Jupiter making any aspect to your natal Mercury. This is usually the best time for writing, especially philosophical writings, getting contracts, sales, and communication.

Let us first take the meaning of these two planets.



Mercury rules the thought process, information, communication, and business matters including sales, public speaking, signing of documents, news by mail, phone, letters and emails, courier services, and recording machines.



Jupiter represents the opportunist side of your nature. It is the “luck” element in everyone’s chart and its transits increase your likelihood of taking advantage of the situation at hand (depending on the house and planet being “touched off”).


The cycle of Jupiter is approximately 11 to 12 years, during which it makes many angles to your natal Mercury. Fortunately, every angle is positive but certain aspects can make you overestimate your time, take on too many projects and exaggerate.

Don’t just wait for the Best Time for Writing, Publishing and Contracts, just start putting down your ideas in draft form from now so as soon as you have a Jupiter Mercury aspect by transit i.e. Jupiter touches off your Mercury, you can be ready to publish.


astrocycles (jupiter-mercury related)

AstroCalendar is your Personalized website and shows your Moon Transits and their meanings on a daily basis plus all the planets and what they mean in your life. AstroCalendar is a 12-month subscription and you can also include your children or other people. AstroCalendar will help you unlock Nature’s most closely guarded secrets…Your Inner Timing! 

The cycle of Jupiter is approximately 11 to 12 years, during which it makes many angles to your natal Mercury. Fortunately, every angle is positive but certain aspects can make you overestimate your time, take on too many projects and exaggerate.

Instead of waiting for your best time to write and publish just start putting down your ideas in draft form from now so as soon as you have a Jupiter Mercury aspect by transit i.e. Jupiter touches off your Mercury, you can be ready to publish.

To make the best decisions about the most important events in your life concerning your finances, health, travel, relationships, and even accident-prone days: When is your best time to write and publish? Find out when Jupiter makes an aspect to your natal Mercury and you have a luck element in all communication matters but getting Your 12 Month Forecast or getting your AstroCalendar.

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