Hillary Clinton Palmistry

May 16, 2018by Hassan Jaffer0

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is motivated by power and her Sun sign of Scorpio as well as Pluto sq mercury plus many other aspects in her natal chart indicate this.  However, she does have Moon in Pisces which cares for children and seniors.

Updated Oct 10th, 2016

On the inauguration date 20th Jan 2017, Moon is in Scorpio, Hillary’s Sun sign doesn’t necessarily bode well for her. However, it is a very important aspect of where the USA is heading and who is controlling this whole drama.

Moon in Scorpio is one of the most dangerous times (2 to 3 days every month).  Here is what our personalized program AstroCalendar & Oracle says about Moon in Scorpio: People will be motivated by power, dark moods, fear and morbid thoughts now and acts of destructiveness will abound. People tend to be more obsessive, intense, sarcastic and vindictive now. Be tactful to avoid making enemies and cultivating bitter rivalries later on. Don’t be resentful or fatalistic. Remain optimistic, be more forgiving and keep a low profile. Excellent days for self-mastery, research, and power of the mind. Drink more water, cut down on red meat and avoid dark alleys. Political violence, assassinations, and funerals in the news. People are more susceptible to kidney and urogenital area problems now. Scorpio colors are Black and Burgundy (colors of Dracula!)”.

The result of what you can expect for the next four years is perfectly symbolized by the Moon in Scorpio on the inauguration date.  The neocons have hijacked the election again and have taken Hillary as their willing partner to carry on their warpath and have no interestest in peace.  I am afraid the Jupiter in Libra transit will be wasted without any peace in Mideast again.  The only hope is that Putin (who has Jupiter touching off his Mercury in Libra till summer 2017) will remain the rational force and bring about some stability in Syria.

hillary clinton family

Moon in Pisces makes Hillary Clinton a better grandmother than the Secretary of State. Two totally different sides to her personality.

Updated Oct 9th, 2016

Donald Trump really exposed Hillary Clinton in the 2nd Debate.  As we had mentioned before, there are chances for a major peace treaty with Jupiter being in Libra till Aug 2017. Unfortunately, the people supporting Hillary are exactly the same who pushed for the war in Iraq, regime change in Libya and now the Syria debacle. Hillary was instrumental in pushing for the war in Libya which completely destroyed the county and is still creating major problems in that part of the world.

Sending millions of dollars to rebels and the opposition was one of the worst decisions made by the Obama administration and not only fully supported by Hillary Clinton but actually pushed by her aggressively.  The same people easily duped the US to give millions to Al-Qaeda and eventually ISIS fighters.

Donald Trump called Hillary out on all of these points and was correct about the position of the Russians, the Syrian government as well as the Iranians fighting ISIS.  The US still supports the so-called opposition even though they are clueless about who they really are.

Hillary Clinton calling Putin a “thug” is an indication of her readiness to go to war again and being a hawk along with the rest of the Neocon lobby. The likes of Soros, Kagan, Dick Cheney and people controlling The Washington Post make it obvious that she is a sellout, and is leading the USA to another major confrontation in Syria.

It is amazing how CNN keeps talking about Trump in his video 11 years ago just to deflect the damaging emails which exposed her hypocritical attitude towards the voters.  There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that Trump won the 2nd debate hands down but it is totally against the neocon agenda and those who own the media. Hillary seems to have better chances because she is being supported by those whose livelihood depends on wars and who have become oblivious to the needs of the masses. As she said in one of the leaked documents, Hillary doesn’t relate to the middle class at all.

Donald Trump has a Mercury sq Neptune which makes him extremely skillful in negotiations and also like a saint and a con artist put together! If anyone can fix the tax loopholes, it is Donald Trump as he took full advantage of the loopholes and as they say it takes one to know one.

In contrast, with six planets in fixed signs, Hillary has the chart indicative of a ruthless dictator. The only hope is that she comes with Bill Clinton who was instrumental in bringing the peace treaty between Israelis and the Palestinians. This is extremely crucial and Donald Trump is the only one in the race who has talked about peace besides Bill Clinton who may indirectly influence Hillary Clinton in a positive way.


Hillary Clinton Palmistry




You can clearly see the Simian Line on Hillary Clinton’s left hand. This is the straight line you see below the fingers where the Heart Line and Head Line are joined in one straight line indicating no conflict between the heart and the mind. This gives an individual a ruthless touch once they decide to do something. It can be positive also if your aims are noble but with her Mercury sq Pluto, this was the cause of destruction in the lives of millions in Libya and elsewhere in the Middle East.

We will keep you updated but it is important to be objective and look at the underlying character of Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump may have found all the loopholes which he now claims to want to fix, but Hillary destroyed all the emails along with the classified documents. There is absolutely no way anyone can lie to Donald Trump and get away with it.

However, Hillary is not really a liar as much as she is extremely secretive, elitist (Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in Leo) and is definitely not a team player.

She will misuse her powers as she has done many times in the past in all her foreign policies while Donald Trump will get the right people and delegate everything. He has the executive ability which Hillary does not.

On the positive side, Hillary shows to be authentic and will sincerely help children and women. At the same time, She couldn’t care less for white men and will pull America into a dangerous confrontation because she is not flexible and doesn’t believe in negotiations – Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio sq Mars, Saturn and Pluto!

hillary cliinton 8pm

Hillary has a chart which shows her to be one who will always be drawn to those with power and can be extremely ruthless as well as vindictive.  Mercury in Scorpio can be positive or negative depending on how you use your vindictive side. Madame Curies used it for research whereas Charles Manson used it to control others. Hillary’s chart is more destructive and can easily be in bed with evil forces. In fact, she will have to use a lot of free choices to sublimate in positive ways. Hillary appears to be aligned to some of the worst enemies of the American people and has already been linked to millions of families being homeless and killed through the wars.

Pluto moving through Hillary’s 7th house (marriage) reflects events relating to her marriage partner Bill Clinton which may make her more moderate towards others, although there is nothing moderate about her chart as it is one of the most radical ones I have seen.  The only other person I can compare her chart to is Condoleezza Rice who has no compassion whatsoever in her chart and was extremely destructive and driven by the same hunger for power.

Even though I believe Donald Trump is very wrong about Iran and their intentions, I was quite shocked how clear he is in his evaluation of the Middle East and his aversion to regime change or nation-building.

Updated June 2006:

Senator Hillary Clinton has a lot of communication difficulties from Aug. 2006 till Aug. 2007. As Saturn is transiting the obscure sector of her chart, she will tend to keep a very low profile and we do not see her being successful in her bid for Presidency at all. In fact, it would be quite contrary to her inner timing for her to even make a bid at this time. After 2009 or 2010 onwards, we see her rising in terms of public support. 2006 and 2007 is a good time for her to lay the foundation for future success and also to look after her health. (This prediction already came true as she lost the Presidential nomination).

You can read Hassan’s full horoscope of analysis of Hillary Clinton.

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