Elliot Rodger and Dangers of Loneliness

July 28, 2014by Hassan Jaffer

Elliot Rodger and Dangers of Loneliness

doesn’t just apply to one individual but to thousands of others.

Elliot Rodger had his Head Line almost parallel to the LifeLine.

This is the hallmark of suicidal tendencies where you feel the whole world is against you and the palmist Benham was the first one to write about it.

All Elliot Rodger needed to be loved, not psychiatrists to treat any mental conditions.

Venus in Virgo is actually very unselfish but indicates self-pity and being very lonely.

Mercury in Leo sq Pluto cannot be ignored and gives the need for control.


elliot rodger and dangers of loneliness

Elliot Rodger Transits

If Elliot Rodger had only written this manifesto without the hate part, he would have been very popular and would have had all the companionship he needed.

Hopefully, gun laws will change but the main lesson is for young people not to be left so alone.

I do not believe that he was not a mentally disturbed individual in the classic sense at all.

In fact, Eliot Rogers was born with a positive Mars-Neptune aspect (wide trine) so it would have been easy to sublimate his obsessions in positive ways.


Mental Stress and Mars-Neptune Aspect

However, around the time of the rampage, Mars was making a station for months in Libra (a sign of relationship and love) and adversely aspecting his natal Neptune, which is a very stressful aspect for the whole age group.

At the same time, transiting Neptune opposed his natal Mars for a few months while Mars sq his natal Neptune at the time of the shooting.

In other words, both Mars and Neptune made adverse aspects in his chart making him a disturbed individual who became obsessed and almost had temporary insanity and mental problems

Mars-Neptune aspect is the hallmark of mental stress and Mars sq his natal Uranus (guns, explosions, freak accidents, etc).

In our astrotrends.net site under World Events for 2014, we had warned about the nightmare period for this age group from Dec 2013 till the end of July 2014 and this even happened on 23 May 1994. “Those born between 1985 – 1991 have an obsessive transit in Dec 2013, May, and June 2014 (shootings, mental health problems, car accidents, and…”.

There were many shootings during this period and many of them were committed by young men in their 20s who were going through exactly the same aspect. Many shootings happened after their girlfriends just left them so it seems Mars in Libra increases the longing for a relationship and when adversely aspected by Neptune, the obsession is about love and companionship.

It is ironic that after he died, there were literally hundreds of girls saying they miss him and would have loved to be his girlfriend.  It seems all he had to do was to have a Facebook page and direct his YouTube videos to it and be positive about what kind of a person he wants to be with instead of all the self-pity.

Parents need to look out for signs of loneliness which is not a mental disease but a human need for companionship. He even wrote that he went to this young therapist only because she was a pretty girl and it gave him a chance to be in the company of a woman.

Venus in Virgo makes one rather shy and he needed to join some physical activity to avoid being like a mama’s boy (headline joined – extreme). The Leo side of him was confident in speech and making videos and if he was like that in love matters it would have been a totally different outcome and he would have been like Jennifer Lawrence who has Mercury in Virgo and Venus in Leo.

Mercury in Leo also shows up as narcissistic but that was not in love matter but rather in his communication. Venus in Virgo also gives a very good sense of rhythm so Salsa dancing would have been the best therapy for him as the man has to lead! That would have given him a lot of confidence and the ability to lead instead of wanting to be saved.

Here is his last video made on 7th April 2014 and his last day on 23rd May 2014

This is where I feel astrology is so much more useful than any psychiatry which only treats mental issues.

My approach is to find the best talents and show people how they can offset the negative themes and this is remarkably simple in real life.

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