Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Horoscope

May 18, 2018by Hassan Jaffer0

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Horoscope


prime minister justin trudeau horoscope

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Horoscope shows Saturn moving up in his chart which means he is coming out of a low-profile period. Prime Minister Boris Johnson also has very similar timing to the Canadian PM and has planets moving up in his chart so he is here to stay at least till 2022!

Saturn is also cnj Justin Trudeau’s Sun Sign which just makes him work harder and become even more like a Capricorn.


Election Canada 2019

prime minister justin trudeau horoscope

Saturn square Moon in Aries accurately reflects the setbacks he has had this year.  It also indicates fallout with an independent woman.

Moon also represents a mother-like figure) which is Jody Wilson-Raybould, the ex-attorney general of Canada and the first indigenous person to hold the position.

Saturn has been squaring PM Justine Trudeau’s Moon for all of 2019 and this can be quite depleting but makes one emotionally tough as well.


Jupiter trine Moon and Public Response

On the positive side, Jupiter trine Moon is excellent for the public response – particularly from women.

Jupiter will also square his Mars which is one of the windfall aspects as well.

I feel that Justin Trudeau will take the election and start a new era for the next several years as Saturn moves up in his chart and begins a 7-year phase of Saturn’s 29-year cycle.

After the election, he will make some tough decisions and will gain support in his agenda.

Neptune sq his Mercury from the last few years for another two years making him spiritual but he has to be very careful with who he trusts.

Neptune makes it difficult for one to separate truth from fantasy and increases the ability to rationalize.  Most politicians including Donald Trump and Obama were born with it!

Mercury-Neptune Aspect

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is born with a Mercury-Neptune Aspect (conjunction) which makes him respond with a humanitarian angle rather than a purely ethical and legal point.

However,  it also gives the inability to separate truth from fantasy.

Interestingly, most politicians are born with a Mercury-Neptune aspect including Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Pierre Trudeau (father of Justine Trudeau).

They rationalize and justify their uncreditable acts which is probably one of the most frustrating aspects of these politicians.

It is also hard to pin them down at any point as they always find some loophole to get out of sticky situations.

Mercury-Neptune aspects make one spiritual also along with a psychic vulnerability.

They give benefit of the doubt to everyone which also leads them to trust the wrong people.

In our non-profit site Let Kids Dream, we are doing a lot of research pertaining to mental health and Mercury-Neptune Aspects.

Justin Trudeau inherited this from his mother Margaret Trudeau.

Mercury in Sagittarius close to Jupiter makes him respond to divine laws rather than man-made ones and he is more of a reformer and positive motivational speaker rather than a strict leader.

However, he is a very good PR person and thinks in global terms.


prime minister justin trudeau


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