President Donald Trump

January 21, 2017by Hassan Jaffer
President Donald Trump deserves our congrats for having fought hard and successfully against all odds and seasoned but mostly corrupt politicians or who are being controlled by the Lobby.

I had mentioned in his natal chart analysis that President Donald Trump is very much a family man and this was quite evident in the inauguration, where you see his children and even grandchildren around the desk while he was signing all the important govt documents into law!

The new president is used to all the pomp and limos and wealth and parties etc. What is important to him is that so many people are still so poor and his Mercury and Venus in Cancer fatherly side are being stimulated by transiting planets.


president donald trump

Donald Trump Horoscope

President Donald Trump’s Horoscope shows that he is like a saint and a con artist as we had mentioned right in the beginning.

However, it is his savior side of him that will be much more active now as he uses all his shrewdness to win new friends and get the economy back on its feet by making creative deals globally.

He will be more evasive rather than secretive like Hillary. President Donald Trump’s words will keep people guessing whether he is slapping or praising them!

He is a very good storyteller (many poets and singers with a message also have had Mer Nep aspects) which he will use effectively to touch people’s hearts.

His main weakness is trusting the wrong people but he has excellent executive ability and will not only get the best people around him but will also delegate to others rather than focus on details.

I was one of the very few astrologers who had been saying Trump will win the US Presidency based on his chart and not any guesswork.

Judging from his chart and Saturn moving up, he could very well be a two-time president (we will need the new challenger’s chart to confirm at the time of the next election).

President Donald Trump’s planets are actually moving up in the coming years so he will be in a much better position to remain in office for two terms.


president donald trump inauguration

One thing is for sure: US Politics and politicians are exposed easily by real astrology!

I am surprised and shocked at how irresponsible many psychics and even astrologers are and how they distort the rules of astrology to suit their own biases.

Of course, many of them don’t even understand the basic rules of astrology and forget that divine truth is always very simple and not complicated at all.

Senator John Lewis has Mercury in Pisces opp Neptune which is a classic aspect of a spiritual, humanitarian but also delusional and scheming mind.

It was very wrong of him to boycott and I have a feeling it was all because what Trump said was correct and his own district has not accomplished much at all.

Most politicians in the world have adverse Mercury-Neptune aspects.

Only the evasive, lying hypocrites with the ability to deflect get in! Ironically, this is also the hallmark of some of the best healers but also charlatans and psychics.

It gives wild imagination and an inability to separate truth from fantasy.

However, if you have Mercury in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, then it does give you executive ability as well as a mind of your own.

Mercury adversely aspected to Neptune still gives a healing tone to the voice but also makes one justify uncreditable acts and seems to be the best trait for politicians nowadays!

One of the best qualities of Trump is that he has very good executive ability and delegates everything after consultation.

President Donald Trump has a mind of his own and has a strong sense of fairness even though he is very emotional and secretive.

He outsmarts the media and makes a fool of them as he is an expert in evasive tactics and gets attention regardless of the accusations.

I am not in favor of some of his policies and his greatest weakness will be trusting the wrong people. However, nobody can pull a fast one on him and he sees right through the crooks (takes one to know one!).

As I mentioned many times last year, there will be major peace treaties around the world this year. Trump will be instrumental in many of them including the ones in the Mideast.

President Donald Trump will also be instrumental in bringing a friendlier relationship between Russia and the USA.

The Hawks are trying their best to provoke Russia but Putin and Trump are focused on Peace, not War. It will start with Syria and move to the two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.

I like Obama’s oratory skills but his Moon sq Pluto (radical visionary inherited from his real father Uncle Frank) destroyed a lot of lives and families.

President Donald Trump’s greatest obstacle will be the neocons and the Zionists as opposed to the real Jewish people who are peace-loving and spiritual.

A peace conference in Paris (Jupiter in Libra quality – harmony, peace, love, fashion) is the signal also of my prediction about peace.

The Palestinian embassy in the Vatican now is also the harbinger of peace in the Mideast.


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