Robert Mueller

robert mueller

Robert Mueller is the new special prosecutor in the Russia Trump collusion bogus investigation. His chart is very similar to Judge Neil Gorsuch of the Supreme Court. It will drag on and be factual. This is actually very good for Donald Trump as it will take away the constant bickering by Congress. Trump has Venus transiting his 9th house which is a very good omen not only for a positive outcome but also for peace (Venus) overtures in foreign countries (9th house). His trip to the Middle East will be very productive towards the eventual peace in that region.

Robert Mueller has Mercury in Virgo and will be very careful in blaming anyone in haste. He is very methodical and not dramatic at all. He reminds me of Senator Tredd Goudy who also has Mercury in Virgo. He will move with the presumption of innocence rather than guilt but will tend to be painstakingly slow and methodical and he can be very critical.

Trump wants peace in the world which is not possible without Vladimir Putin but the neocons and war hawks are all against that. There is a real chance for the peace process to be successful as we have predicted for this year while Jupiter is still in Libra until 9th Oct. At least the basis for long-term peace in the Mideast will be established by then.

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