obama dangerous transit

Obama Dangerous Transit

Obama Dangerous Transit refers to Saturn squaring his natal Mars and already in effect till mid next year. This is in a major accident configuration and Obama is acting out of anger and frustration. This wrong timing continues till summer 2017 and often leads to bad temper, leg hassles, health issues and heart-related problems in the long run. #BarackObama.
#Russiahack is just an excuse for the failure of the neocons and those in power to get their candidate Hillary Clinton elected so they could blackmail her to do their bidding. Now they are trying their best to sabotage Trump and Putin’s friendship.
The fact that Mercury is retrograde indicates that the actions against Russia will completely backfire and will not be useful and will be reversed as well as totally ignored by Trump.
Saturn sq Mars leads to temper, bad timing, frustration and impulsive actions. McCain and Lindsay Graham are being vindictive and the Lobby behind it so it not a surprise as it came right after Senator Kerry’s speech!
#trump will change it completely and intelligence is all political. If Russian hack (actually WikiLeaks who got info from within the Dems own) helped expose the lies in Hillary’s campaign then it was a service to the American people who are constantly being given false info from the controlled media.
Moon going in Obama’s 12th house shows secret activities undermining him. 35 diplomats is a Scorpio (vindictive) number just as Moon in Scorpio on 20th Jan during inauguration is dangerous and shows secret enemies (most senators who are still smarting from Trump’s remarks) trying to undermine what is good for the American people. Moon in Scorpio also points to the intelligence community as well as the real hidden enemies of USA (the neocons) being involved and used to discredit the new administration.
The beginning of a project shows the eventual outcome. Moon in Scorpio shows Trump will completely overhaul the system and transform it even though he will have a lot of opposition while doing so.
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