Your Amazing Yearly Sun Cycle

Your Amazing Yearly Sun Cycle: When the Sun returns to its position when you were born, it is your birthday. This is the beginning of your Yearly Sun Cycle.

However, this is only one transiting aspect of the Sun or Sun conjunct Sun.

There are many different aspects the Sun makes to your natal planets as it goes around your chart every year.

This aspect pattern remains the same all your life, every year for all of your life.

Even though this has to do with timing, because it is a fixed pattern all your life, we use it before the long-term transits.

Another very important aspect of this Sun Cycle analysis is that it gives you an accurate indication of exactly what you should focus on each month to fulfill the 12 areas of your life.

There are approximately 30 days every year which are the best for getting money, another 30 days for fame, another 30 days when you have to be very careful of your health etc.

and this Sun Cycle remains the same every year for all of your life!


Your Solar Life Report

Here is the report which you need to assess Your Amazing Yearly Sun Cycle:

(Same Dates, Every Year, All Your Life!)

your amazing yearly sun cycle









It is amazing how every astrologer in the world has completely ignored such a simple Sun Cycle, and yet this is the surest cycle that repeats itself every year, all your life.

Just like your birthday is always on the same date, there are almost ninety different events which happen exactly the same day, every year, for all of your life!

In other words, the report never changes, and you only have to get it once, as it will always remain the same.

Get Your Sun Cycle Report asap so you can start using it immediately and gain some valuable experience for the next time when the cycle repeats itself.

What is also remarkable about this Sun Cycle is that the dates for love matters always fall around the same date every month!

Similarly, some dates are extremely lucky for you, and some are not.

They remain the same all your life, and in fact, you can even use this report to check out your friends or relatives to see what aspects they touch off for you, positive or negative!

Think of the Solar Life Report as the Sun’s Transits instead of the Moon’s.

The Moon stays in each house for 2 to 3 days, but the Sun remains in any house for approx 30 days.

In other words, if you find that you always get money when the Moon is in your 8th house (the number 8 days in AstroCalenar), then when the Sun is in the 8th house, that whole month will be the best month for you financially, all your life.

Of course, it is a very good month to select as your tax year-end.

There are so many themes that the Sun Cycle helps you plan, like the best month to marry, to buy property, to buy a car, to be famous and it is always the same month etc. (It doesn’t mean you marry every month, but that is the best month for it and if your partner is born in that month, they they are an ideal complement for your personality!

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