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Hillary Clinton Election 2016

There are two charts for Hillary Clinton which makes it difficult till we go through all the vents in her life and figure out which of the two time of births is correct.

Up till now we were given 8:02 am as the TOB and I made some predictions based on that when we predicted a two time presidency for Barack Obama. I mentioned at that time that she has a very good chance in Nov 2016.  However, this was based on 8:02 pm. Recently, a new time of birth emerged which was AM instead of PM. Based on this original time of birth, Saturn is rising ahead of Donald Trump and her chances increase although we will do a full analysis as both of them have lucky as well as disappointments as well.  If she is born in the evening (8:02 pm) then there is absolutely no way that she can become president as Saturn would be coming down in her chart indication a time for keeping a low profile like a retirement phase and lack of public response).

Intrestingly, this is exactly why I had predicted that Bernie Sanders will not get the public response he needs for the nomination.  In the case of Senator Ted Cruz , I had also predicted that there is no chance for him to get the nomination and in 2020 he will have even less of a chance as Saturn will be at the very bottom of his chart…Read More

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