Kawhi Leonard MVP Horoscope

May 25, 2019by Hassan Jaffer

Kawhi Leonard MVP Horoscope

Kawhi Leonard MVP Horoscope shows that he is an incredible basketball player of the Toronto Raptors.

Transiting Jupiter is trining his Mars which is the best aspect for sports till the end of Oct 2019.


kawhi leonard mvp horocope 


Tiger Woods won under the same Jupiter Mars transit also, both times and 12 years apart, which is a Jupiter cycle.


Kawhi Leonard has Venus in Leo and Mars in Leo

Kawhi Leonard’s Zodiac Sign is Cancer with Mercury in Cancer, which gives him the ability to think for himself (being a cardinal sign).

However, it is his Venus in Leo and Mars in Leo which bring out his charisma and daring nature.

Kawhi Leonard MVP has Mars in Leo, which makes him a daring and dramatic athlete with a flair. for the dramatic and flourish

This is the recipe for heroic performances.

Mars-Jupiter Aspect and Sports

He is born with the wealthy Venus conjunct Jupiter as well as the athletic Mars conjunct Jupiter.

Any Mars-Jupiter aspect is the hallmark of Olympic athletes, and it gives them sudden bursts of incredible energy.

Venus in Leo is great for designer fashion and exclusive clothing lines.  Tom Cruise has Venus in Leo like Kawhi Leonard also.

Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Cher, and Jennifer Lawrence are other examples of the dramatic Venus in Leo.

Venus in Leo gives him personal charisma and exhibitionistic tendencies, and Mars in Leo gives him a flair for sports and fancy cars.

I am sure he will soon be Kawhi Leonard MVP  and a legend in June 2019 when Jupiter trines his Venus in Leo and Mars in Leo.


Kobe Bryant MVP

Lakers basketball Kobe Bryant MVP was also born with a Mars-Jupiter aspect which many Olympic Athletes are born with.

This makes them take chances and are very daring but also reckless.

Here is my horoscope analysis of the Kobe Bryant tragedy.


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