Have you ever wondered what makes you special? Here is something I wrote many years ago which is not time-related and may help you understand your mission in life.

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Nelson Mandela

Whenever an event happens, the Moon tells us something about that event or the person as perceived by the collective consciousness. The Moon at the time of funeral can also shed light about the feelings of the public towards the person.

The Moon was in Pisces at the time of the memorial for Nelson Mandela, which is reflective of  his humanitarian and spiritual nature.  As is often the case with moon in Pisces, it was also raining. It is one of the most inspirational times and there is an air of sacred sadness whenever the Moon is in Pisces.. Read More..

Stressful Dates for 40s, 50s, and 80s Age Groups

Mars is making an unusually long station in the sign of Libra from 7th Dec 2013 till 25th July 2014. This means that anyone who was born with Neptune in Libra 1940s and 50s age group) and Neptune in Capricorn (1980s age group) will be getting adverse aspects from transiting Mars for most of this [Read More]

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Paul Walker

Paul Walker, the handsome actor of Fast & Furious fame, unfortunately just passed away in a fiery car crash. It is sad to see someone die so young when he is at the prime of his youth and just starting to do some of his best work. We don’t have his birth time but I believe he had Aquarius rising as he was quite cool and aloof and had the eyes similar to Paul Newman who was an Aquarius.

Venus in Libra and Venus conj Uranus in Libra made him look so balanced and proportionate and good looking as well. In fact, Venus conj Uranus is the hallmark of electric magnetism.. Read More..