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Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries from 14 May 12:15 am to 16 May 2015 2 am EST is a time for action and high energy. Aries represents the beginning stage of every project and the time for you to initiate, to take on new directions and to put your theories into practice.

Moon in Aries is not only the time to begin new projects but also to focus on results and action rather than just planning.

Moon was in Pisces for the two days before it went into the sign of Aries and coincided with ocean-related mishaps and storms including typhoon in the Philippines.

What kind of world events can you expect when the Moon is in Aries? What colors to wear when it comes to fashion? What activities are the best for you now? What areas of health do you need to be more careful of?…Read More

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Colours of Zodiac Signs

Colors of Zodiac Signs will become obvious to you as I am going to be using a lot of colors, visuals and music instead of words and numbers to identify the signs in the horoscope. This will activate your intuitive side i.e. the right brain which is associated with recognizing faces, emotions, music, color, and images.  The left side of the brain gets activated with words, logic, numbers, analysis, lists and sequential thinking.

Here are the colors I will be using and they are permanent so once you know them they will never change. There is a lot of thought which has gone into it and all you need to remember is that each sign gets along with the consecutive one.


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In the monthly Horoscope section, I have started a unique color-coded guide for each sign. For example, under Aries it shows:

Favourable Dates are when you see these colors in the monthly Key to Moon’s transits:

Here are the Moon’s transits key for May 2015:

You can immediately see these colors are present on 1-2, 5-7, 10-11, 18-20, 14-15, 23-34 and 28-29.

Now, these colors will always be the same and will never change. they also represent the signs Aries will get along well with.

Later on, I will add love (Venus) and communication and which color applies to you but once you grasp this theme it will become extremely easy for you. All visual and hardly any numbers! So here are the colors which apply to Aries Gemini Leo Libra Sagittarius and Aquarius which are all Fire and Air signs.

When you read any of our articles, I want to activate your right brain which is associated with recognizing faces, emotions, music, color, and images. Here are the colors I will be using and they are permanent so once you know them they will never change. There is a lot of thought which has gone into it and all you need to remember is that each sign gets along with the consecutive one.


Queen-with-Pirncess-Charlotte name analysis of princess charlotte Name Analysis of Princess Charlotte Queen with Pirncess Charlotte

Name Analysis of Princess Charlotte

Name Analysis of Princess Charlotte requires a special branch of art called “Acrophonology”, which is the study of sounds in names.

The principle is quite simple and easy to understand and apply in your own life once I show you the key to it. Each sound in your name generates a response from the public and in time becomes representative of your “destiny”. I have been able to confirm some but not all the letters and hope you do not go about changing your names just because of this article!

If you want to have your care fixed would you rather go to a “Joe” or a Rabindranath who might create more problems for you!

Even though the name that you use most often will probably come closest to your personality, your first name represents your personal identity and especially applies to your early childhood. The middle name is supposed to influence from age 14 to 28 and the last name after 28…Read More

David-Goldberg-Sheryl-Sandbergg david goldberg David Goldberg David Goldberg Sheryl Sandbergg

David Goldberg

David Goldberg was in the news on 1 May 2015 as he suddenly passed away of an injury which could have been avoided. I believe you cannot increase your life span but you can certainly decrease it if you don’t use your free choice well.

When I see such events. I want to make AstroCalendar and Oracle available to everyone as I see all kinds of tragedies happening around us which could easily have been avoided. It gives me the incentive to write at odd hours in the hope of saving someone in the future. It is almost 6 am and I am still writing this and it is all because I heard the news  about David and did some research on his birth date and saw clear indications of what went wrong and how it could have been avoided.

So many astrologers see a Mars Neptune aspect as being creative yet it is nothing short of a nightmare period full of scandals and unsolved mysteries. One click on the question about mental stress and obsessions in the AstroCalendar’s oracle, and it gives you the most stressful dates right away. This was the aspect when Marilyn Monroe, JFK Jr and Princess Diana passed away….Read More


Kate-Middleton-Princess-Charlotte princess charlotte elizabeth diana Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana kate middleton charlotte hands600x300 618x295

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Updated: 9 Dec 2016

Princess Charlotte Hands indicate that the little Princess is much more like her father rather than her mother. She will be much more cautious, follow the rules and also love history and tradition.

Here are the hands of Princess Charlotte and Duchess Kate Middleton.

It seems that the Duchess has the Life Line and Head line quite separate just like Princess Diana. In other words, she is very independent and likes to control also (Mercury in Aquarius).  However, Prince William has a mind of his own and is not into control like Prince Charles (Mercury in Scorpio) otherwise they would have locked horns. Prince William likes strong women and she is exactly like Princess Diana but much more mature.

Princess Charlotte, on the other hand, will be much more traditional as her Head Line seems totally joined to the Life Line.

You can read more about it in our book Leaders and Followers.

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana has finally arrived and the world media is focussed on what she will be like. Here is a thorough quick analysis of her chart to give you more insight. Our heartiest congratulations to Prince William and The Duchess Kate Middleton and the Queen.

Read more

Moon-Libra moon in libra Moon in Libra Moon Libra3502

Moon in Libra

Libra Moon from 21st Oct  6 am to 23rd Oct 4 pm. It is the most romantic Moon and symbolizes everything which Venus stands for. Libra Moon brings out your need for love and romance and stimulates your aesthetic sense.

Libra Moon makes you non-judgmental and it is the time to indulge your appreciation of art and beauty through fashion, reading Vogue and other magazines pertaining to beauty products, cosmetics, jewellery, decoration and architecture. This is the best time for talks about peace, harmony and cooperation before the moon goes into Scorpio and there is violence around the world…Read More

moon-in-virgo moon in virgo Moon in Virgo moon in virgo500

Moon in Virgo

Moon is in Virgo from  27 Apr 9  pm till 30 Apr 10 am.

Virgo Moon means Moon is in the sign of Virgo which happens every 28 to 29 days. Often cloudy and overcast at the end of this 2 to 3 day period.

Virgo Moon is a time when people are generally more critical but also become more defensive and very sensitive to criticism. Focus on results and positive intent rather than just being critical.

Check the spelling and grammar of your own work but don’t be too much of a perfectionist either. Use your increased critical faculty to get organized rather than to nag others. Plan and organize instead of just thinking about it and daydreaming…Read More

Mercury Retrograde: Delays in Communication

mercury mercury retrograde: delays in communication Mercury Retrograde: Delays in Communication mercury1Mercury Retrograde is something which will affect everyone in the world. This always coincides with delays in communication and transportation amongst a whole lot of other things.

As an example, every time NASA tried to send a shuttle when Mercury was retrograde, it was always delayed.

Mercury is retrograde on the following dates in 2017:

19 Dec 2016 to 8 Jan 2017

9 Apr to 3 May 2017

Here is a checklist so you can be better prepared for it:

– There will be communication delays everywhere so give yourself extra time for all your projects.

– Make duplicate keys in case you misplace them which is very common during this period.

– Miscommunication is a hallmark of Mercury Retrograde period.  This is not the best time to buy any gadgets and change your phone plans.

– If you are traveling, make sure you have backups of your keys and photocopy of your driver’s license and passport etc stored somewhere safe.

– Make sure the cell phone bills are paid up otherwise you will be left without communication. Same thing with all communication gadgets.

– It is an excellent time for research and going back over existing work rather than starting new projects.

– Mercury retrograde will affect Apple, Samsung, Google and Blackberry as well as any communication-related companies.

– Stocks for internet or telecoms will be volatile. Misleading news about the above-mentioned stocks.

– A Very inventive period for new technology when it is in Gemini and Aquarius.

– Mixed appointments and not being able to get hold of people.

– Don’t change your telephone numbers now (do it either before or after).

– Don’t change your cell phone, home phone or internet plans now as you will be undecided and may want to change your mind later.

– Backup important files as it is easy to forget to save and also for hard drives to crash or accidentally erasing files.

– Don’t get locked out of cars if you have the ones where you could lock yourself out, especially if it s running.

Moon in Sagittarius moon in sagittarius Moon in Sagittarius Sag 5001

Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon in  Sagittarius from 8th Apr 12 am to 10th Apr 7:45 am 2015 applies to everyone but those born under the sign of Sagittarius will be more into realization of truth now. Sagittarius represents your Ninth Need which is your need for philosophical values and ideals, travel and interaction with foreign countries.

Today’s color is Deep Blue. 

Sagittarius Moon indicates that people in general will tend to be more philosophical and forgiving now and a sense of reverence will be in the air.

This is an excellent time for positive motivation seminars, traveling to foreign countries or learning languages. You will feel spiritually more optimistic and lucky but be careful of being overly speculative…Read More

line-dotted moon in sagittarius Moon in Sagittarius line dotted

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Live Radio Show with Hassan Jaffer

All In The Stars Radio Show with Hassan Jaffer on Wed 8th April 2015 11 pm to midnight EST will be broadcast live from Arizona. My host tonight will be Cynthia Konopka.

In tonight’s show, we will give you insight in the following:

1-  More on Germanwings Flight 4u 9525 and Saturn in Sagittarius.

2- Hassan and Cynthia will discuss Your 12 Most Important Needs!!!

3- Three Keys to Avoid Depression and Increase Confidence 

4- Three Keys to become more Secure and Stable in Life

5- Three Keys to become more Objective in Life

6- Three Keys to becoming more Sensitive and Caring

7- World Events and Trends to watch out for….and much more

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