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Hassan recommends:

New Clients: In-depth Personal Analysis Reports, 12 Month Forecast, in-depth CD or at least one hour Tel-Skype consultation to begin with. AstroCalendar is also

Existing Clients: Re-Evaluation CD, 12 Month Forecast, AstroCalendar.  15 to 30 min followup on a regular basis so you can see how to best satisfy your themes.

Moon Transits report is similar to AstroCalendar except it is a PDF Report for 12 Months.  AstoCalendar is online and you can go back several years. All color coded as well as ability to check out any birthdate.

Personalized Astrology Reports

Your in-depth Personal Analysis Report…$39.95
Your 12 Month Forecast…$34.95
Your Solar Life Report…$34.95
Personalized Moon Transits Report…$29.95 AstroCalendar recommended)
Friends & Intimates Report …$39.95


  • Personalized AstroCalendar…$60.00 (one year)
  • AstroCalendar  Additional Family…$45.005 (one year)

Personal Consultation with Hassan

  • Telephone and Private Consultations…Call for Details
  • Club 900 (without Hassan’s monthly Audio Updates).…Call for Details
  • VIP Club 9000 (with Hassan’s monthly Audio Updates)…Call for Details

Personalized Newsletter

  • AstroTrends Online Newsletter…$75 for 12 months, $45 for 6 months

Apps for Mobile Devices

Books and eBooks

  • Leaders and Followers (using Palmistry)coming soon
  • Revelations of the Hands Book Series coming upcoming soon
  1. The Basics
  2. Advanced
  3. AstroPalmistry
  4. Case Studies
  5. Famous Hands

Other Products and Schedule of Workshops and Seminars

CDs: Your Star Qualities and AstroTrends for 2014…to be announced

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