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Horoscope of the United States of America

Here is the horoscope of the USA based on the time when the Declaration of Independence was signed by the Founding Fathers on July 4th, 1776. There does not seem to be much consensus amongst astrologers when it was signed and so we have many different opinions on the time of birth of this great […]


USA Chart and Olympic Hockey

I have always said that USA’s chart has Libra rising (Ascendant) and its Libra-Scorpio in the first house makes her like Beauty and the Beast!  Beast of course indicates the power which can be misused and most politicians are born with it including Bill Clinton. I will post another full analysis of the US chart […]


Ronda Rousey UFC Fight in Las Vegas

Tweet Follow @astrocycles Although I don’t watch UFC even though I know it is very popular, I thought I will make an interesting astrological forecast. I trained with Mr. Park Jong Soo who is an 8th-degree black belt and I find the UFC fighters having no real technique but just using brute force hitting each other. […]


Palmistry: Mysteries of Your Hands

What Does  Your Hand Reveal? What do the lines on your hands mean? Are they just created by the folds of your hands as medicine would have you believe? If this were the case, then why does a pianist  have many more lines than a farmer? Is there any purpose for them and what kind […]


Philip Hoffman Analysis

Although the world may find it hard to understand why Hoffman passed away so suddenly at a young age of 46 when everything seems to be fine, astrology gives a clear indication of the reasons why he felt so tormented. Having Mercury in Cancer and Jupiter in Leo, he was able to portray sensitive roles […]


Delays in Communication 7th Feb till 28th Feb 2014

Mercury is Retrograde from 7th Feb till 28th Feb 2014. This always coincides with delays in communication and forgetfulness etc. Every time NASA tried to send a shuttle when Mercury was retrograde, it was always delayed, so we know they don’t use astrologers! Here is a checklist so you can be better prepared for it: […]


Meredith Kercher and Amanda Knox

Here is our chart analysis of the tragic murder of Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy and the role of Amanda Knox and her boyfriend and others on that fateful night of 1 Nov 2007. There are some very important points I have made in it and I would love to get your feedback on it. I […]