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Ivanka Trump Ivanka Trump has a very positive chart and dynamic chart. She is very feminine looking yet is confident and has many of the successful traits often found in men. It is a perfect Yin and Yang balance and her Hands show this as well. Being a mother with three children gives her the nurturing ability and...

An Era of Peace from Sep 2016 is starting and very few people seem to be aware of this major shift happening around the world. As I have mentioned previously in our World Events, Jupiter moves from the sign of Virgo to Libra (once every 11 to 12 years), and there is a shift coming from Conservative to Liberal values. Jupiter will be in the sign of Libra from 9th Sep 2016 to Sep 2017.

World Events 2020   Coronavirus is not a short-term event but a planned global event which is reflected in three long term transits: Pluto in Capricorn which affects the global economy and restructuring of big business and corporations  2- Neptune in Pisces bringing in the revival of faith and spirituality as well as free concerts by...

Immune System Calculator We made the program which instantly tells you when Are You Vulnerable to Viruses and  your immune system is down. We have made an Immune System Calculator for you which shows you the dates when you are vulnerable to Fraud and Mental Stress etc. Just enter your Birthdate and click interp and get...

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