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Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra applies to everyone around the world as it captures the global mood, but Libras are especially more emotional in their experiences now. Libra represents Your Seventh Need which is your need for love and relationship. Moon is in Libra from 27th May 4:45 pm to 30th May 2015 4:30 am EST. It is the most romantic time […]


Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde from May 18th, 2015 to Jun 11th, 2015 is something which will affect everyone in the world. This always coincides with delays in communication and transportation amongst a whole lot of other things. As the retrograde is in the sign of Gemini, this will affect anything which has to do with communication gadgets […]

Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries from 14 May 12:15 am to 16 May 2015 2 am EST is a time for action and high energy. Aries represents the beginning stage of every project and the time for you to initiate, to take on new directions and to put your theories into practice. Moon in Aries is not […]


Colours of Zodiac Signs

Colors of Zodiac Signs will become obvious to you as I am going to be using a lot of colors, visuals and music instead of words and numbers to identify the signs in the horoscope. This will activate your intuitive side i.e. the right brain which is associated with recognizing faces, emotions, music, color, and images.  The left side of the […]


Name Analysis of Princess Charlotte

Name Analysis of Princess Charlotte requires a special branch of art called “Acrophonology”, which is the study of sounds in names. The principle is quite simple and easy to understand and apply in your own life once I show you the key to it. Each sound in your name generates a response from the public and in […]


David Goldberg

David Goldberg was in the news on 1 May 2015 as he suddenly passed away of an injury which could have been avoided. I believe you cannot increase your life span but you can certainly decrease it if you don’t use your free choice well. When I see such events. I want to make AstroCalendar […]


Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Updated: 9 Dec 2016 Princess Charlotte Hands indicate that the little Princess is much more like her father rather than her mother. She will be much more cautious, follow the rules and also love history and tradition. Here are the hands of Princess Charlotte and Duchess Kate Middleton. It seems that the Duchess has the Life […]


Moon in Libra

Libra Moon from 21st Oct  6 am to 23rd Oct 4 pm. It is the most romantic Moon and symbolizes everything which Venus stands for. Libra Moon brings out your need for love and romance and stimulates your aesthetic sense. Libra Moon makes you non-judgmental and it is the time to indulge your appreciation of art and beauty through fashion, reading […]