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Hassan Jaffer is an interpreter of the human mind and the question of predestiny and free will. He combines the logic of his engineering background with his acute sensitivity to human nature to explain the complexities of human experiences through astrology. Hassan expresses his love for the Creator and the human potential in every book he...

US Elections 2016-latest In the US Elections 2016 Trump of Hillary question, Trump is definitely much better in terms of financial problems facing the USA as they need to be completely overhauled. It takes one to know one so he will close all the loopholes. I know the saying is it takes a crook to catch a...

The US Election The US Election gets a lot of people guessing but let us see astrologically what each candidate represents and how will they be as the President of the United States. Who will win the next US Election? The USA has Saturn going down its chart which normally indicates a major testing period financial for...

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Every child has the potential to become a champion!  Let Kids Dream Inc. is dedicated to finding the highest potential and hidden talents of children and youth.


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