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Moon in Sagittarius moon in sagittarius Moon in  Sagittarius Moon in Sag

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in  Sagittarius from 22nd Aug 3:40 pm to 24th Aug 11:20 pm EST applies to everyone but those born under the sign of Sagittarius will be more into realization of truth now. Sagittarius represents your innate need for philosophical values and ideals, travel and interaction with foreign countries. Today’s color is Deep Blue.  Moon in Sagittarius indicates that people in general […]

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The US Election

The US Election gets a lot of people guessing but let us see astrologically what each candidate represents and how will they be as the President of the United States. Who will win the next US Election? USA has Saturn going down its chart which normally indicates a major testing period financial for the next two years. […]

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US Elections 2016-latest

Updated 30 May 2016 In the US Elections 2016 Trump of Hillary question, Trump is definitely much better in terms of financial problems facing the USA as they need to be completely overhauled. It takes one to know one so he will close all the loopholes. I know the saying is it takes a crook […]