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Saturn in Capricorn 31DEC2017 Saturn in Capricorn from 19th Dec 2017 until 21 Mar 2020 and again from 2 July to 16 Dec 2020.  Saturn “rules” the sign of Capricorn and therefore represents the most conservative of its principles which are curbs, embargos, restrictions, law and order, as well as authority figures. Saturn in Capricorn represents large corporations and industries, manufacturing, building and construction of...

Saturn in Sagittarius 19DEC2017 Saturn in Sagittarius happens once in 29 years and reflects the curbs, regulations, and sanctions in the areas defined by the sign it is transiting. Saturn in Sagittarius = curbs and regulations Sagittarius = immigration, the stock market, speculation, and transportation. Saturn in Sagittarius from Dec 2014 till Dec 2017, heralds a new era...

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Every child has the potential to become a champion!  Let Kids Dream Inc. is dedicated to finding the highest potential and hidden talents of children and youth.


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