7-Key Love Compatibility Calculator

June 12, 2019by Hassan Jaffer

7-Key Love Compatibility Calculator

7-Key Love Compatibility Calculator by Hassan Jaffer instantly shows you the level of compatibility between two people in terms of communication, love, conflict, etc.

Here are the main points and the significance of the Red, Green, and Blue bars:

Communication is the most important element in any compatibility for long-term relationships.

Even if you have problems in other areas, good communication really improves and compensates for a lot of problems in any relationship.

Although this is important at any age, it becomes very important later on in life when people become less flexible in their attitudes and not willing to compromise as much.

Home/Family is an important one but this is the only one that can change based on the time and place of birth.

However, if it is Red the person in Birthdate1 may still feel depressed as a result of the influence of the Birthdate 2 person

Love and Romance are important as it adds to the caring and nurturing for the soul. Love is something intangible and has to do with positive Venus and Jupiter Venus aspects.

Jupiter represents travel and foreign countries and people often fall in love with those who are from foreign countries and cultures.


7-key love compatibility calculator


Green is obviously a very good indication here but even if it is on the negative, it just means you have to work on it more to make it work. Whoever is listed in Birthdate2 can dampen your love if it is Red. On the

Romance is something that can be learned but some people are born with it. Unexpected flowers, a trip to a place that was not planned, or even little things like candlelight dinners.

Romance always has an element of caring and the unexpected.

The reason I put Love and Romance together is that they go hand in hand and it is easier to romance someone you love.

Romance can also compensate for love but only to some extent. there is no substitute for love and if it is Green in the Love Compatibility Graph, then it will keep growing.

Passionis important mostly before middle age after which communication becomes much more important. This is the chemistry between two individuals and is important, especially in the West.

Green will increase the odds of keeping the attraction going but Red just indicates the wrong timing on the part of the person listed in Birthdate 2 of the Love Compatibility Graph.

If the women are there then it is less of a problem than the other way around. Nobody seems to object to passionate women!

Commitment is important for long-term relationships, especially for women.


7-Key Love Compatibility Graph

Hassan’s 7-Key Love Compatibility Graph shows the synastry between two individuals in terms of seven key areas including communication, romance, passion even conflict, and addiction.


7-key love compatibility calculator
Hassan Jaffer 7-Key Compatibility Calculator

This has to do with emotional security as well and Green makes the person feel more secure in the long run.

It also makes the relationship more practical and enduring based on realistic expectations of each other. Red indicates the person in Birthdate 2 makes the one in Birthdate 1 feel very insecure and may even inhibit their emotional well-being.

Happiness relates to Jupiter Moon aspects and therefore are all positive even if they are done in access.

I made the negative side in Blue instead of Red because all Aspects between Jupiter and Moon give spiritual happiness and are excellent for the home and family as well.

Blue just means it can give an exaggerated sense of optimism to some people. It also indicates they may settle in a foreign country.

Adventure bar is based on Jupiter Mars aspects and is also very positive except that when Blue, the person in Birthdate2 can make you speed while driving or push you to do more than you can handle.

This is a positive aspect as long as you can pace yourself.

It is a physical aspect i.e. the person will encourage you to travel or buy a sports car or more than your budget but it does increase one’s confidence and send of adventure.

Wealth is important to have fun in life instead of struggling all the time. The person in Birthdate2 bringing wealth is also very lucky for Birthdate 1 in terms of being lucky financially for them.

This is an indicator of how another person can affect your ability to make money in the long run. Red not only can increase your spending but deplete you both financially as well as emotionally to some extent.

Conflict is indicative of arguments and legal hassles. It can also point to violence depending on the physical nature of the person involved.

This can become dangerous if Addiction is also Red and Home and Family also show Red.

You need to avoid confrontation with the person in Birthdate 2 and drink more water to dilute the temper and not provoke the person when they are upset.

Read here can also create heart problems for the person in Birthdate 1. Green just indicates you both have sustained energy for practical projects.

Example: If you put Bill Clinton op top (select then use Switch Birthdates) and then select Monica Lewinsky (07/23/1973), you will notice that she brought him a lot of conflict and legal hassles.

This aspect often indicates heart problems for Birthdate1 because of continuous confrontations and frustration. There were romance and love for both in both cases and happiness and adventure but she got into depression as well (home Red).

When the Addiction bar in the 7-Key Love Compatibility Graph is Green, it is very positive for creative hobbies and anything which requires energy and coordination like dancing or swimming.

When the Addiction bar in the 7-Key Love Compatibility Graph is Red,  then this can lead the Birtdate1 person to get into addictions like drugs and alcohol (especially in the West), scandals or out-of-wedlock pregnancy.

This relationship can become a nightmare and it can reduce the immune system of the body.

We will be glad to include any Celebrity or Newsmaker of your choice to put your comments and requests here.

You can also put your questions and I will make sure I answer everyone as others may have the same concerns.


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