robin_williams Robin Williams Robin Williams robin williams 135x135Robin Williams was an amazing comedian who just didn’t have any barriers when it came to the target of his jokes. He was born with Sun in Cancer and Moon in Pisces.

This indicates someone very sensitive but moody as well. When he passed  away, Moon was in Pisces and he was born with this Moon position just like Elvis. This placement shows a person who really cared for children, old people and had a deep concern for humanity. It is also good for spiritual music (Elvis and his gospel singing).

Venus in Virgo makes one very unselfish but also rather lonely and they prefer country songs and the blues. They also love nature and organic food and a simple diet.

robin williams zelda williams Robin Williams Robin Williams Robin williams and his daughte 263x300There were two sides to Robin Williams which are clearly seen by his Mercury in Leo and being in the limelight; the other side is Venus in Virgo which is more reclusive and with Scorpio rising very much self-contained and becoming almost impenetrable to others.

The most difficult aspect in his chart was Mars cnj Uranus (explosive side and freak accidents to the head and spine) sq to Neptune. Mars sq Neptune is an aspect of addictions and obsessions. It is a nightmare theme which we have discussed and is in our Horoscope section under Stressful dates and we have divided it into different age groups.

Everyone goes through this aspect by transit where they are prone to addictions, crying the blues, scandals, fraud and allergic reactions. In Robin Williams case he was  born with it so he definitely had the addictive tendencies to begin with (most successful people are born with it actually).

In other words, he would be in center of attention and then withdraw into himself completely. One of his “friends” of 35 years was on CNN.  He mentioned that when they were alone in the elevator, Robin wouldn’t say anything unless a third person was there for an audience and he could “perform”.  Although the audience part makes sense, I don’t think this person was a friend at all if Robin wouldn’t talk to him without another person being there.

Scorpio rising is a powerful aspect and together with Mercury cnj Pluto, it makes a person witty in a very sarcastic way actually. Mercury cnj Pluto is what gave him the Scorpio quality and indicates the tendency to violate divine laws and not being able to undo the damage. It is a powerful aspect but needed better guidance. It shows no boundaries and coming across like an antichrist figure including all the religious jokes.

Cancer Leo in the 9th shows a deep spiritual aspect but Mercury cnj Pluto was the difficult aspect as it made him somewhat morbid and fatalistic. Mercury in Leo exaggerates everything and Venus in Virgo makes one very sad while Moon in Pisces gives an acute sensitivity towards children and older people.

Even the recent news of women and children being killed in Gaza and Iraq would have affected him. Robin Williams never cared enough for himself to save himself from these moods. He even left his beard unkempt making him look much older. The only thing which would have motivated him would have been caring for others i.e. if something happened to him, what will happen to them?

This was the only way to motivate him and nobody recognized this at all.

How could he justify entertaining the troops when the military was involved in displacing thousands of homes and families which would have played on his conscience as well. This is the same reason why so many veterans come back with so much guilt.

Head Line Joined to Life  Line

Palmisty Head line joined Robin Williams Robin Williams head line joined extreme

robin_williams_rigthhand_zoon Robin Williams Robin Williams robin williams rigthhand zoon 287x300
You can clearly see that Robin’s Head line is completely joined to his Life Line for quite a distance. This is exactly like Elvis actually and makes one very dependent on their home and mother. It also makes one less confident about themselves (low self esteem) and they need more fun in life. We have written more on this in our article about Head Line Origin.

His little finger (Mercury) being so separate from the rest indicates that he was original in his thinking but also very isolated when it came to his feelings.

Although he had Mercury in Leo which gave him the confidence of an orator (Bill Clinton and Obama are also born with that), it is the Scorpio rising which made him reclusive. It is easier to feel depressed and stay in that mood if your Head Line is joined rather than being separate. You are too dependent on others and tend to worry about consequences when the Head Line is joined.

Depression and Mars-Neptune aspects

We wrote in Dec 2013 about the stressful dates for anyone born in the 40s, 50s and 80s age groups. Not only was he born with this dangerously obsessive and habit forming aspect but was also going through it by transit.

The Mars-Neptune aspect had actually finished by the first week of Aug, but the full Moon in Leo-Aquarius made him even more sensitive (Robin was a Cancer which is ruled by the Moon). The next day, Moon went into Pisces along with Neptune (which makes everyone acutely sensitive to the needs of others) and touched off his natal Moon opp Venus.

This is what made him delve into self-pity and depression along with feeling unable to help the masses (even though he did some humanitarian work) and being fatalistic to begin with, he took his own life. Elvis also passed away when Moon was in Pisces which increases the sense of pathos.

Early Signs of Parkinson’s

It was reported that he had early signs of Parkinson’s. This adds a very important dimension to this tragedy actually. Having Mercury in Leo there was a certain pride and dignity in him (delicate ego as well) and this side of him couldn’t stand the thought of feeling foolish or humiliated when this condition progressed. This added to  his paranoia (Mars sq Neptune) and he probably felt he was doing a favour to all his family and friends as well as his fans who would feel very sad seeing him in a deteriorating condition.

Taking this difficult decision he may have ended it while he still had his dignity and to save the embarrassment to everyone he loved. it was almost a sacrifice  he was making (Venus in Virgo) on behalf of everyone and not having hope that a cure would be available soon. Obviously he underestimated the love and support he would have had had he not chosen this route and medical researchers would have gone out of their way to find the best  solutions. Mars-Neptune makes you imagine the worst and nothing happens once

Robin Williams had Neptune in Libra which is an extremely romantic placement and needs peace and harmony around them instead of war and cruel world events. The 12 year old boy stabbing a 9 year old boy the same week also may have contributed to his feeling extremely sad. It is dangerous for such people to be alone and even though his wife was there, it seems she didn’t even go to his room to say goodbye in the morning.

My Research in Parkinson’s

I have done some research in Parkinson’s and I feel it is an Uranus theme which has to do with the parasympathetic nervous system. it seems to affect those who are quite often very bright and any Uranus affliction or Aquarius themes. Robin Williams had Mars (brain and head area) close to Uranus, Aquarius as half of the 3rd house (communication) and had Uranus transiting his 6th house (preventive aspect of health).

It would help us if we had  more birth data of individuals with time of birth as well so we can confirm which planetary aspects or transits they are vulnerable to.

Transits of the Day

robin_williams_transits Robin Williams Robin Williams robin williams transits2


Pluto exactly opposed his Mars and in fact touched off the Mars-Uranus in Cancer sq Neptune in Libra Square. Pluto opp Mars is a violent aspect and it made him very self-destructive.

Saturn was in Scorpio and the whole world has this violent energy till Dec 2014 and being in his first house, this is the time people tend to disappear and start keeping a low profile. Saturn was also starting to square his Mercury which gives communication problems and makes one keep a low profile.

Jupiter was just about starting to touch off his Mercury and in the 10th house would have given him lot of fame and recognition and this is still going to happen as he made quite a few films this year.

Jupiter and Venus were both in his 9th house which indicates he was in peace with God and in a very spiritual mood.  Uranus had touched off his Jupiter from last year and this aspect also shows when you want to just give up everything and go. It is also an aspect of sudden opportunities but you need to bide your time.

Pluto and Uranus seem to have touched off his natal Mars-Uranus sq Neptune Square and made it into a grand square showing a lot of mental stress in many areas of his life.

Humanitarian Work

Venus in Virgo makes one underestimate themselves and his daughter is also born with the same placement. It reminds me of Florence Nightingale who laid the foundation for nursing (the film where Robin Williams was the doctor was a perfect role for him).

Robin Williams was born with Moon opp Venus and when this got touched off by transiting Neptune in the sky, it increased his escapist tendencies and also made him acutely sensitive to the needs of others.  The best way to offset this is to help others and “save” others. Saving the military is fine but not when the military has occupied foreign lands and is involved with mass killing. It is a phony type of saving which would not have satisfied his conscience at all.

When he personally visited a little girl who was dying of cancer and made her wish come true, this was the type of humanitarian work which he needed to do more of to offset his deep need to help others.

He was also talented in music (John Lennon and Mick Jagger and many musicians have Venus in Virgo). Music would have been a very good outlet as well and being involved with his own children. However, it seems they were not as unselfish or sensitive like him although Zelda’s chart is similar to his. It seems everyone was living in their own world and a bit more interaction and feeling needed would have definitely helped.

Transits of Zelda Williams

RobinWilliams-Zelda Robin Williams Robin Williams RobinWilliams Zelda 300x199

Robin Williams and Zelda Williams

Robin’s daughter Zelda Williams also has Mercury in Leo and it is close to Mars so she must have a very strong mind and voice. It is a very charismatic leader’s chart but she also has Venus in Virgo. This side of her is actually shy and unselfish in love matters.

She also seems to have her Head Line joined. Robin gave her the right name when he called her my warrior Princess.

It is interesting that her father shows up in her 4th house which is normally the mother. Her 12th house also has Moon in Cancer. Normally this would indicate a nurturing mother being reclusive or working in hospitals etc. However, in her case it represents her father who was a Cancer and helped a lot of people who were sick. It also points to his being in rehab several times (12th House).

Her planets start moving up next year so she will start coming up more in the public eye. She will probably get involved with a lot of humanitarian work as well. She is definitely charismatic and a natural actress as well and has his unselfish side. She also needs to learn to change self-pity into compassion for others and helping orphanages and schools for children and mothers would be a great outlet for her as well (Moon in Cancer in 12th) where she could use her fame in a very productive way.

Even though her Head Line is joined which makes her more dependable, all her fingers are together which is rather unusual in the West. At least this makes her more balanced when it comes to communication with others. She just needs to learn to use words which she wants to surround herself with, instead of letting her Mars cnj Mercury control her language.

Transits of Zelda Williams

ZeldaWilliams-300x200 Robin Williams Robin Williams ZeldaWilliams 300x200 150x150

Zelda Williams Headline joined

Her chart shows transiting Saturn in Scorpio at the very bottom of her chart (4th house). This is a major genetic axis when the parents have to be very careful of their health. It was  also conjunct Pluto so she was probably reconciling with authority of the father and other issues. This is a strong aspect of life death situations and her own chart had been going through the same stressful Mars-Neptune aspect which affected her father’s age group for the last few  months.

She still has Saturn squaring her Mars till Nov 2014. This is a  major accident configuration which indicates anger, temper and authority conflicts as well as reflecting the event relating to her father (Saturn). The poor girl is probably feeling very guilty also (Venus in Virgo) that she didn’t spend enough time with her dad. His last instagram was wishing happy birthday to his “baby girl” two weeks before.

It is interesting that actor Philip Seymour Hoffman who passed away last year also had the same Venus in Virgo and took his own life as well. Sanjay Dutt of Bollywood who is great at playing sad roles has the same aspect.

The world will miss a great comedian although I found it difficult to watch all his shows as some parts were really crossing the line (Mercury cnj Pluto). However, there are degrees of sarcasm and Mercury in Leo is not really mean even though the Pluto aspect gave him some Scorpio tendencies and the rising sign also increased his sarcastic wit.

It is the self-destructive side and low self esteem (Venus in Virgo) along with the need to be the best (Mercury in Leo) which always creates a tension within oneself. This is great for acting if they played both the comedic roles and some sad ones as well.

We will certainly miss Robin Williams who was not only a humanitarian person but also very charismatic and used all his talents to help others while hiding his deep sadness and pathos to himself. He made everyone laugh and now he made many cry but the genie is free and I just wish he had an idea of how much he was loved and needed in this world.

line_dotted Robin Williams Robin Williams line dotted

Stressful Periods Based on Each Generation:

We will put the dates which are stressful based on different age groups as it applies to everyone around the same age. These are the dates when you go through days when nothing seems to be working right and you come to the wrong conclusions or accuse the wrong person, get involved with fraudulent schemes etc. The same Mars-Neptune transit also makes one more prone to allergies and you tend to react badly to medication as your body’s immune system is down.

The best thing is not to schedule major surgery during this transit. Doctors will never recommend a surgery when you have a cold because your immune system is down. An adverse Mars-Neptune transit is much more important as it is your psychological frame of mind which is in question. You act on wrong hunches or are given a wrong drug. A little scratch becomes a major sore. You can look at the full article on all the affects of a Mars-Neptune aspect or transit here.

Here are the dates for each age group which you can always check under the Horoscope section as well:

Stressful Dates for 1998 to 2011 Age Group

Stressful Dates for 1920s, 60s and 90s Age Groups

Stressful Dates 1940s, 50s, and 80s Age Groups

line_dotted Robin Williams Robin Williams line dotted
If you want to see when you are will be in this mentally stressful period,  Your 12 Month Forecast, will give you the dates highlighted in red along with our suggestions as how to offset this transit.

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