Astrology of Mental Health mental health

Astrology of Mental Health

Astrology of Mental Health is something we should really look into. So many young people take their own lives and there are no obvious markers to even those who are closest to them.

Astrology is one of the simplest and the most powerful tool to detect the potential of mental illnesses by analyzing the natal chart as well as the transits as they are happening.  It is very sad to see so many families destroyed because of mental issues which are not detected or not discussed because nobody understands them.

Mental problems are nothing but an inability to copy with stresses in positive ways. Everyone who has a Mars-Neptune aspect has obsessive tendencies and if they are adverse aspects, this can easily lead to drugs and alcohol abuse. However, as I wrote in my article about Addictions, Obsessions and Scandals almost twenty years ago, there were many famous people who were born with exactly the same aspect and were able to completely offset the theme in positive ways.

On 7th April 2016, a very sensitive and humanitarian 22 years final year student of Western University, who was distraught about his friend having taken his life a year before, not only took his own life but also ended up taking his mother with him. Ironically, his parents were very active in trying to help children with mental health issues.

The charts are quite revealing but I do believe that he would have been able to offset the negative theme if those around him were aware of the major accident configuration that he was going through…Read More

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