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The Twelve Houses are the Twelve Areas of Life.  Your horoscope is divided into 12 segments which we call Houses and they represent different areas of your life. These 12 areas of life have been found to have a definite correlation with the 12 different aspects of a person’s life. The horoscope (hora=hour, scope=picture) represents...

Astro-Calendar Moon Transits are completely personalized and based on your birthdate, time and place of birth. The Moon moves through your 12 areas of life every month. The 12 icons and visual colors are easy for anyone to follow and interpret. The most important thing is that we can add other members of your family as well which is the key to what I was trying to develop.

Prince the Artist was a very talented prolific songwriter, singer, a virtuoso on guitars, keyboards and drums, record producer and an actor to grace the pop culture. Prince the Artist as he later called himself was an extremely versatile Gemini and was truly multitasking and played most of the musical instruments. He also crossed many genres of music...

The Sacred Language of Astrology is basically a labeling device for your thoughts and is the most comprehensive tool of Nature to understand and express your inner themes. The Sacred Language of Astrology must have been revealed to the greatest of prophets as it has divine origin is not man-made. It is very difficult to...

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