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June 11, 2014by Hassan Jaffer



Gemini is the Third Sign of the Zodiac

Physiology: The Lungs, the hands, and the Pectoral Girdle.

Rising Sign: (Ascendant or First House Cusp): Versatile, intellectual, high strung, active nervous system and somewhat moody underneath.

Personality Traits of Gemini:

Our birthday greetings to all of you born under the sign of Gemini ­ one of the most versatile, quick thinking but also fickle signs of the Zodiac! Gemini’s are conceptual thinkers, communicators, and curious investigators. They are excellent at everything which thrives on chaos and which is not routine. They get bored easily and need constant intellectual stimulation to keep their interest going.

They are very impatient when it comes to details and dislike monotony. Not only do they enjoy changes, but they also seem to enjoy change for the sake of change. They are usually quite adaptable, but also very unpredictable. They are basically sales, marketing and communication oriented people and are also good at troubleshooting.

Being an Air sign and also ruled by Mercury, they often have literary talents and are also good at coordination required for playing musical instruments. Geminis need a lot of mental relaxation because they have an active nervous system. Mercury in Gemini makes people bright, intellectually versatile and often with an excellent sense of humor and linguistic talents. Some of the people born under the sign of Gemini are Joan Collins, Bob Hope, Brooke Shields, John. F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.


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