Leo Sun Sign

MAR 21-APR 19
leo sun sign

Rising Sign(Leo Sun Sign): Also called Ascendant or the First House Cusp: Charismatic, proud, stand out in a crowd, enthusiastic, regal, exhibitionistic, somewhat flamboyant, dramatic and theatrical.

Personality Traits of Leo: Our birthday greetings to all of you born under the sign of Leo ­ one of the most dramatic, theatrical, charismatic and flamboyant signs of the Zodiac, but also one with the most delicate ego! Being a Fire sign and “ruled” by the Sun, Leos always feel a cut above the rest, and there is something about their personality which makes people stop and take notice!

They always like to project their best impression on others, and usually show-off only when they have not been recognized for their talents. If they do not get enough attention for their achievements, they also become egocentric and boisterous. Always remember to look up to them even if you do not want to boost their ego too much, and never ignore a Leo! They are prone to flattery and do not really care whether it is genuine or not. Leos are often involved in professions where they are in the limelight or doing something where they are in the spotlight and it is not difficult for a Leo to get the public response. Leo is a proud sign and they do not collapse under stress. They can be very stubborn and need to be more flexible and not feel that they are the only ones who have the answers.

They usually have intelligent leadership abilities (especially with Mercury in Leo) and are able to instill confidence because of their convictions and enthusiastic manner. They are excellent orators and public speakers, who dramatize and exaggerate not to distort the Truth but to clarify a point. The only problem is that they are not the best listeners and use most of their energy to convince others of their opinions.

Those with Venus in Leo can be somewhat exhibitionistic and flashy. They love exclusive clothing, silk, and gold jewelry. As they are very passionate and demand a lot of attention, they need a partner who is demonstrative in love and affection. Venus in Leo is compatible with Venus in Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius. Some of the people born under the sign of Leo are Bill Clinton, Paul Anka, Yves Saint Laurent, Emily Bronte, Alfred Hitchcock, Lucille Ball, Carl Jung, Fidel Castro, Napoleon Bonaparte, Madonna and Sean Penn.


Venus brings out your natural charisma in Oct and mid-Nov to mid-Dec 2022. Mars in Gemini makes you more attractive and physical and adds to your natural Venus in Leo magnetism throughout Sep, Oct, Nov, and Dec 2022. You will be drawn to athletic partners and will be more action-oriented. This is a great time to indulge in physical activities with your partner and increase your bond.

You are in a major new 7-year testing cycle so establish long-term goals and use this period to lay the foundation for the next several years.  You are going through a very romantic period which will make you more compassionate and soften your looks as well Neptune is also excellent for art, music, and all creative endeavors and properties near the water. You are going through a long-term Pluto transit which makes you more cause-oriented and transforms you in a positive way.


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