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Greek Bailout

Greek Bailout: Greece is getting a bailout but as we mention before the referendum, the Greek PM is not a gambler and in fact is much better for austerity. “Global events and masses will force him to rethink his strategy.” Alexis Tsipras has made a u-turn and done exactly what his Mercury in Cancer opp Saturn shows i.e. went against the wishes of the majority who he should not have consulted in he first place! He asked them to vote No and they did. Now he has agreed to every term of the Europeans along with strict monitoring.

However, he will be very successful in implementing strong austerity measures even though he won’t be popular for it. Women may forgive him because of his Antonio Bandares likeness but wealthy businesses may not! However, this is the only way Greece can survive and he is definitely the right person to bring strong measures. The timing is also best for this Leo PM and with Pluto opp Mercury there is no other choice but to listen to the global powers.

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