Judge Neil Gorsuch

February 1, 2017by Hassan Jaffer

The Horoscope of Judge Neil Gorsuch


The horoscope of Judge Neil Gorsuch, the US Supreme Court nominee shows that he has an extremely unselfish and humble chart.

Mercury in Virgo close to Venus also makes him eloquent and well-spoken. He has literary talents and a lot of common sense.

Judge Neil Gorsuch will be critical in his thinking and his wide Mercury conj Pluto aspect indicates that he can be quite cutting as well.

It is also a sign of violating divine truth unless he is correcting the wrong system.

Pluto Trine Mercury

Pluto trine Mercury for the last few years gives him the opportunity to understand the universal laws and make lasting judicial inputs.

This is one of the most powerful aspects of understanding what the masses need and connects one with the divine truth.

Pluto trine Mercury gives one a conscious awareness of the laws of nature. He was not born with it but is going through it by transit.

judge neil gorsuch
Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch
Having graduated from Columbia and Harvard Law he finished his doctorate at Oxford, which defines his studios and scholarly nature.
The most important element of his tenure will be that he can correct many wrongs and reform a lot of laws for generations, especially the laws which violate divine laws.

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