Jupiter in Scorpio


Jupiter in Scorpio happens once in 12 years as Jupiter is  12 Years cycle. Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio from 10 Oct 2017 to 8 Nov 2018.

Jupiter reflects the opportunities and events around the world depending on the sign it is in. In your natal chart (unique to yourself and based on your birthdate, time and place of birth) it represents opportunities for growth and when you have a “luck” element in your life.

End of Diplomacy

Jupiter was in the sign of Libra till last week and we just lost a major opportunity for peace and harmony around the world.  The warmongers thrive on military sale so all the initiatives for peace went unnoticed except the last day when thousands of Israeli and Palestinian women marched together in Jerusalem for peace.

Jupiter was also in Libra when the Vietnam War ended and an era of peace started. It is possible that many peace negotiations have already begun from Sep 2016 to beg Oct 2017 which may still take fruition.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Now Jupiter is moving in the sign of Scorpio, the sign which covers anything which comes from under the Earth like oil, coal, and mining.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, the military hardware will be sold and an unprecedented rate. Rocket launcher, tanks, drones for military use will have a booming business. Supersonic jets and bombers and anti-missile technology will all thrive.

Russia and China stand to gain the most from sales of military-related technology and hardware.

There will be an increase in awareness of the mysteries of life and a deeper understanding of the self without being a fanatic about it.

New Discoveries and insight into Ancient Civilizations.


Update 12 July 2018

Researchers have uncovered a stunning mosaic depicting a biblical scene at the site of an ancient synagogue in Northern Israel.

The mosaic, which is the latest to be discovered at the fifth-century synagogue in Huqoq, depicts a scene from Numbers 13:23. Labeled “a pole between two,” the panel shows two spies sent by Moses to explore the biblical land of Canaan. The spies are shown carrying a pole with a cluster of grapes, which they took to Moses as evidence of Canaan’s abundance.


Egyptology and revival of Ancient Rites will be in vogue (be careful of spiritual seduction and psychic vulnerability).

New laws pertaining to legacy and inheritance will be implemented.

People will be obsessed with self-improvement and power of the mind which is ripe to be exploited by fake gurus and religious fanatics.

There will be new discoveries leading to better understanding of the intuitive part of the brain as well as the limbic area and its hormonal correspondence.

Organ transplants, anti-aging, rejuvenation at the cellular level, genetics and major advances in medical research pertaining to life and death will benefit during this period.

This period will also coincide with discoveries of major Coal, Oil and Mineral Deposits.

Geothermal research and Weather Manipulation for defense purposes will thrive.


Sensual robots will lead to a new virtual reality-based private life with its own set of new problems and solutions. Some men will find the eternal love they seek with a Virtual “Partner” who never ages and has the latest knowledge and techniques as long as the wifi is connected!  I might add the training feature from an astrological compatibility point of view. The robot will know how to cook gourmet food if you have Venus in Cancer, French pastries if you have Venus in Libra etc!

Books and films relating to the supernatural, horror, ghosts as well as life and death will be popular.

Where was Jupiter in your chart when you were born? Which area of life is where you have a “luck” element all your life?

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