Mercury in The 12 Zodiac Signs

August 27, 2014by Hassan Jaffer

Mercury in the 12 Zodiac Signs

Communication plays a very important part in your life and especially in any relationship.

The key to a harmonious relationship is not only loving but also how you communicate with each other.

in Astrology, the Zodiac sign that Mercury was in and its aspects determine how you think and communicate.

The Zodiac sign of Mercury shows whether you are rational, intuitive, and even the tonal quality, healing quality to the voice or so irritating that it can trigger a stroke by adversely affecting your nervous system!


Mercury in the 12 Zodiac Signs and Your Voice

Everyone’s voice is just as distinct as their personality and there are many traits of your voice and the way you speak, which are inherent at birth.

Even in the same family, where you are likely to find similar qualities in the voice and speaking tone.

there are many subtle differences that give us a clue to their personality and other temperamental traits.

In a relationship, it is important for both Venus as well as your Mercury to be compatible with your partner.



mercury in the 12 zodiac signs


is never more than 28 deg. away from the Sun (this is why you can only see it just around sunrise or just before sunset). As each sign is 30 deg., this means that Mercury can only be either in the same sign as your Sun sign or just one sign before or after. This should help you guess one’s Sun sign by knowing which sign their Mercury was in from the descriptions below. Ex: If someone has Mercury in Leo, then their Sun sign can only be Cancer, Leo, or Virgo.

The following interpretations are based on your Mercury position, not your Sun sign. We have listed your Mercury positions at the top of this article:

Mercury in Aries

mercury   aries

This placement makes one very positive, enthusiastic, witty (can be sarcastic), forceful voice, impulsive, impatient, frank to the point of being blunt, verbal seduction or tactless (depending on the time of day!), no beating-around-the-bush, usually talk about themselves and their viewpoint, want answers now, absolute convictions.

Famous People: Adolf Hitler, Albert Einstein, Hugh Hefner, Shakespeare, Charlie Chaplin, Liza Minelli, Queen Elizabeth II, and Tony Blair.


Mercury in Taurus

mercury   taurus

Very patient and understanding, give practical and down-to-earth advice, reflective mind, dependable, calming influence, not panicky, generates trust, you always know where you stand with them, conservative and traditional approach, usually rich tonal quality, throat problems, wholesome jokes involving friends and family.

Famous People: George Bush Sr., Saddam Hussein, J.F. Kennedy, Liberace, Barbara Streisand, Bertrand Russell, Malcolm X.


Mercury in Gemini

mercury   gemini

Witty and play on words.

Cheerful, light-hearted, optimistic but not forceful voice, intellectual, and verbally fluent.

They communicate easily and can talk about many different topics simultaneously.

Very flexible mind, versatile, excitable, high strung and high nervous energy, talks like a Dutch uncle, can talk about anything except routine work, intellectual approach, will let the cat out of the bag – don’t tell your secrets, excellent for languages, marketing.

Famous People: Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Dr. Jordan Peterson, Marilyn Monroe, Nicola Tesla, Paul McCartney, Paula Abdul, Ross Perot, and Tom Cruise.


Mercury in Cancer

mercury   cancer

Mercury in Cancer: Understanding, warm tone, cautious, usually worried about money, project emotions but also insecurity, tenacious, insisting till they get things their way.

Moody, sensitive to their needs, nourishing as long as they are not in stress, draining if they are!

Sentimental, quiet persistence, hesitant, suspicious, conceited in men, excellent memory but harbor slights.

Famous People: Carlos Santana, Donald Trump, Harrison Ford, Natalie Portman, Paul Gauguin, Princess Diana, S. Stallone.


Mercury in Leo

mercury   mercury in the 12 zodiac signs leo

Dynamic quality to their voice, usually give speeches and love their own voice, always colorful whether happy or sad, very uplifting, motivating, enthusiastic.

Strong and lively voice, they like to speak rather than listen, and exaggerate to dramatize a point.

Can talk till they are ready for another audience.

Good for building confidence and positive feelings, and display a delicate ego and pride.

They use superlative words like “fantastic” or “amazing” etc.

Famous People: Ben Affleck, Bill Clinton, Fidel Castro, poet Goethe, Jacqueline Kennedy, Fidel Castro, Paul Anka, Lindsay Lohan, George W. Bush, Sean Penn.


Mercury in Virgo

mercury   virgo

Precise, understanding without displaying emotions, practical, efficient realistic solutions, very critical, make you feel guilty, easy to make them feel guilty.

Sensitive to criticism, concerned but usually about negative things, very skeptical, always analyzing.

Interest in psychology, life sciences, facts, and figures (accounting).

Always into problems and how to solve them, worrying and self-pity, cannot take praise,

Good for crafts and miniatures..

Famous People: Dustin Hoffman, Martha Stewart, Madonna, Jimmy Carter, Melanie Griffith, Omar Khayyam, Robert DeNiro, Robert Redford, Sean Connery, Yasser Arafat, and Whitney Houston.


Mercury in Libra

mercury   libra

Beautiful tonal quality to voice (many singers and eloquent speakers), harmonious way of speaking, verbally eloquent, gentle and very diplomatic, indecisive (do not give them a choice or will drive you up the wall because of their apparent indecision!).

Use words like maybe or perhaps, always take the partisan’s viewpoint, very cultured, assertive but not harsh, certain elegance about them, legal mind, mildly enthusiastic, procrastinating, usually talk about relationships, tactful “really?” instead of “I don’t believe you”!

Famous People: Barbara Walters, Bill Gates, H.R.H. Farah Pahlavi of Iran, Gore Vidal, Julio Iglesias, Lata Mangeshkar, Michael Douglas, Sophia Loren, and Vladimir Putin.


Mercury in Scorpio

mercury   scorpio

Probing and analytical, penetrating questions, usually ring to their voice or high pitched, intense, suggestive jokes (mostly men), not talkative unless close friends, and can be very sarcastic, and tenacious.

They create crisis situations and should avoid using crisis swords.

Favorite topics are mysteries of life and how to get even! Non-forgiving, never forget a lie – will always remind you of it! They don’t instigate but retaliate harshly, are misunderstood, thorough, analytical, and always about power.

Famous People: Alfred Nobel, Prince Charles, Gandhi, Johnny Carson, Bruce Lee, Larry King, L. DiCaprio, and JFK Jr.


Mercury in Sagittarius

mercury   mercury in the 12 zodiac signs sagittarius

Very enthusiastic and uplifting, natural learner/teacher, philosophical, frank, verbally eloquent but can be tactless (wrong timing),

It is a very good placement for the entertainment world,

Call them when you have lost faith in life but be ready for their preaching, get upset if you do not share their enthusiasm,

Will talk like a house on fire about every topic except what they started out with, communicate strongly but do not speak clearly, yet some of the best orators!

Truth and Universal Justice are important and excellent for languages, positive motivation, and instilling faith in self.

Famous People: A. Sadat, Beethoven, Britney Spears, Dale Carnegie, David Carradine, George Patton, Isaac Asimov, Jimmi Hendrix, Richard Burton, Sammy Davis Jr., Tina Turner, Bette Midler, Spielberg, Ted Turner, Woody Allen.


Mercury in Capricorn

mercury   capricorn

They do not waste words, unenthusiastic and sometimes deliberate way of speaking.

Feminine voice in women, usually talk about struggles, delays, and business, are definite and quietly assertive, confirm what they say “O.K.?” “O.K.”, dry wit, survivors, and offer good practical solutions,

Mostly bogged down with too many duties and responsibilities.

Famous People: Agha Khan, Al Capone, Anthony Hopkins, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Paul Cezanne, Phil Donahue, Richard Nixon, Senator John Kerry, Ronald Reagan.


Mercury in Aquarius

mercury   aquarius

Clear and precise, impersonal, short quips, “Yep”, do not give leads for continuing a conversation, usually concerned for the welfare of the masses.

Futuristic, radical, unconventional, good stories (particularly women), hardly display their emotions, cool and detached, uninvolved.

Coolly sarcastic, manipulative, inventive but also a bit erratic, irritated when bored, excellent ideas but need others to carry them out.

Famous People: Alicia Keys, Ashton Kutcher, Betty Friedman, David Niven, Dick Cheney, Edison, Edward Kennedy, Jules Verne, Mozart, Oprah Winfrey.


Mercury in Pisces

mercury   pisces

Comfortable sadness and healing in voice, evasive, flirtatious (seductive), hedges around, wild imagination, wandering mind, compassionate, empathetic, gossiping (don’t tell them your secrets),

favorite topics: sad stories and how to avoid taxes or beat the system! No definite planning, inspiration, subtle persuasion, procrastination, or waste of time helping the underdog to their own detriment.

Very intuitive, often psychic, and gullible.

Public Figures: Al Gore, Celine Dion, Casanova, Darwin, Liz Taylor, Osama bin Laden, Robin Wright-Penn, Ralph Nader, Sidney Poitier, Yoko Ono, Victor Hugo.


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