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Missing Children

Missing Children is one of the saddest news which seems to be be more and more common these days. I have finished developing the software for parents to monitor their children as well and to be more aware of the danger periods.

In our July post under Stressful Dates I warned about the 60’s age group and also those who were born between 1998 and 2011 being in a nightmare configuration throughout Aug 2014.


All the children shown in the picture here had transiting Mars squaring their Neptune when they went missing in August 2014, no exception! Even without the time of birth, this warning applied and the Mars-Neptune aspect made it like a nightmare for these poor children. None of them have been found yet and we can only imagine what the poor parents are going through.

Children are extremely careless these days especially on the social media and give away all their whereabouts and most of them are tagged.

I added an Oracle in the AstroCalendar now which will answer most of your questions.  You can also add all your family and click on Mental Stress to check when the children are in danger. this also applies to their immune system. Rob Ford was hospitalized  (1960s age group) exactly when Mars conjunct his Neptune.

This is taken directly from the Oracle in Astrotrends for someone born in the 90s:

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Be careful of acting on hasty judgment or bad hunches, speculation, scandals, fraud, trusting wrong people, allergic reactions and ocean. Avoid all underhanded activities, alcohol or drugs. Use this obsessive period for art, music or creative hobbies.

Please read the article on Mental Stress above and the dates we keep publishing in the Horoscope Tab so you can be aware of this.  Of  course subscribing to your own personalized AstroCalendar will help you automatically and it is also one of the most important tools in our astrological life coaching program.

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