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Your Monthly Horoscope  Spring 2019       FASHION TRENDS Your Monthly Horoscope now includes your wardrobe accent colors can mean much more than just a fashion statement. Use the Astrological Color Chart above to determine which accessory color to wear each day of the month. The chosen colors align with the position of the Moon each night and will work...

Moon in Capricorn applies to everyone but those born under the sign of Capricorn will be more emotional about their long term goals. Capricorn represents your Tenth Need which is your long term need for Achievement. Today’s color is Dark Brown.

Leo Moon is when people, in general, tend to be more dramatic and flamboyant.     Take advantage of the grand feeling and focus on publicity, weddings, buying expensive designer clothes now but be careful of overspending. It is easy to forget your means and overindulge your taste now. Royalty is often in the news...

  Lunar Eclipse 2019 20JAN2019 20-21 Jan 2019 Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse 2019 is in Leo Aqu axis Moon in Leo Sun in Aqu. Royalty in the news. Leo Aquarius Taurus and Scorpio will be affected. Positive or not depends on their chart but they certainly will show more of their sign. Spotlight on Trump, celebrities and...

Those with the Moon-Neptune aspects possess an emotional sensitivity and vulnerability to others, and an especially powerful impressionable, sympathetic, and psychic empathy. Moon-Neptune has a powerful imagination and considerable artistic, creative gifts that need to be expressed. There is a refined sense of touch, colour, taste and sound, that find their way in the creative...

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