Robin Williams

August 12, 2014by Hassan Jaffer

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Robin Williams

Robin Williams was an amazing comedian who just didn’t have any barriers when it came to the target of his jokes. He was born with Sun in Cancer and Moon in Pisces.

This indicates someone very sensitive but moody as well. When he passed away, Moon was in Pisces and he was born with this Moon position just like Elvis. This placement shows a person who really cared for children, old people and had a deep concern for humanity. It is also good for spiritual music (Elvis and his gospel singing).

Venus in Virgo makes one very unselfish but also rather lonely and they prefer country songs and the blues. They also love nature and organic food and a simple diet.

There were two sides to Robin Williams which are clearly seen by his Mercury in Leo and being in the limelight; the other side is Venus in Virgo which is more reclusive and with Scorpio rising very much self-contained and becoming almost impenetrable to others.

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