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meredith-mercher [object object] Meredith Kercher and Amanda Knox meredith mercher1

Meredith Kercher and Amanda Knox

Here is our chart analysis of the tragic murder of Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy and the role of Amanda Knox and her boyfriend and others on that fateful night of 1 Nov 2007.┬áThere are some very important points I have made in it and I would love to get your feedback on it. I […]

nelson-mandela-fist nelson mandela Nelson Mandela nelson mandela fist1

Nelson Mandela

Whenever an event happens, the Moon tells us something about that event or the person as perceived by the collective consciousness. The Moon at the time of funeral can also shed light about the feelings of the public towards the person. The Moon was in Pisces at the time of the memorial for Nelson Mandela, which […]