Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Conflict

March 1, 2014by Hassan Jaffer

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Vladimir Putin and Ukraine Conflict

Vladimir Putin has Venus in Scorpio, which is emotionally one of the most powerful, secretive, and emotionally intense Signs of the Zodiac.

Godfather’s theme the vows of love we made will live until we die is the best way to describe the deep feeling of commitment to this planetary placement.

This is not a divorcing sign at all and any breakups are extremely hard for someone who has Venus in Scorpio (called a Fixed and Water sign.

For a politician, this applies not only to his friendships and personal relationships (the spouse or mistress) but also to the people and all of Russia itself.

Vladimir Putin went into Ukraine when he had a Mars made an adverse aspect to his Neptune in Libra which is a nightmare theme.

Even though Putin had grave concerns over the NATO expansion around Russia which he sees as a major threat, his timing was off.

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