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May 5, 2014by Hassan Jaffer

Your Personalized AstroCalendar

I am really excited to bring this latest program where we have added the transits of all the planets along with the Moon so you can see all your cycles, from daily Moon transits to once in a lifetime events reflected by Pluto.

AstroCalendar is one of my best programs for self-knowledge. You can truly unlock nature’s most closely guarded secrets…Your Inner Timing!

AstroCalendar is your Personalized website and shows your Moon Transits and their meanings on a daily basis plus all the planets and what they mean in your life.  From Pluto’s once in a lifetime events which change your whole attitude towards some area of your life, to the saddest but the most inspirational areas, to your luckiest periods, it is all in your Personalized AstroCalendar.  You can go back in time to the day you were born and get an insight on all the important events which happened in your life.

Hassan Jaffer

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