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2016-Elections us elections 2016 US Elections 2016 2016 Elections

US Elections 2016

US Elections 2016 is coming close and I am starting this analysis which we will update as the election progress. There are so many variables but the most important thing for an astrologer is the time of the birth of the candidate. Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact time of births yet for some candidates but […]

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US Elections 2016

  Hillary Youre Fired!! Well one thing we can confirm for sure is that Hillary was born in the morning and as I said in the last update it is impossible for her to win as  Saturn will be going down in her chart. I had also said when Moon was in Scorpio last time […]

mercury-retrograde communication problems and delays Communication Problems and Delays mercury retrograde

Communication Problems and Delays

Communication Problems and Delays are here as Mercury is retrograde from Jan 05, 2016 to Jan 25, 2016.  This always coincides with delays in communication and forgetfulness. Being in the sign of Capricorn, it will mainly affect government, large industrial projects and manufacturing companies. On the positive side, this is an excellent time to reorganize […]

your horoscope update for 2016 Your Horoscope Update for 2016 2016 Peace Happiness NL

Your Horoscope Update for 2016

Your Horoscope Update for 2016 includes our extremely popular daily accessory colors. I will keep updating this every month along with your horoscope guide. Instead a general Sun sign analysis, we are looking at some long-term affects to your Sun sign as well. We are also paying attention specifically to Venus as it applies to love matters.  LONGTERM […]