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US Elections 2016


Hillary You’re Fired!!


Well, one thing we can confirm for sure is that Hillary was born in the morning and as I said in the last update it is impossible for her to win as  Saturn will be going down in her chart.

I had also said when Moon was in Scorpio last time and she was being investigated, the same transit repeats itself on inauguration day.  Moon will be in Scorpio again in her 12th house. This is not a good indication for her health and also for the USA where dark intrigues lie in the shadows. Hope this doesn’t bode any life death matters and more of the transformation that USA will be going through.

Updated Oct 27th, 2016

I am beginning to think that Hillary Clinton was born in the morning at 8:02 am and not pm.  If this is the case, then my original prediction of her winning being impossible stands and that she will disappear in a few years or in disgrace as Saturn would be moving down in her chart.

If she does get elected by voter fraud as the shadow govt has already elected her (which can only happen if they stop the public intent using fraudulent means), then she must be very careful of her health as her VP has a much better chance of coming up (Saturn on top of his chart).

However, Tim Kaine looks too weak to be a President and I just don’t seem him ever as being a president. Although Moon in Scorpio on 20th Jan may be one of the indications of her being selected (her Sun sign being Scorpio) it definitely points to criminal activity and shady deals.

The keyword for Moon in Scorpio is a crime and her chart having so many planets in Scorpio also shows her undoing being the keyword sex (the first time I have ever used it in any of my writings!). It was triggered by Hillary Clinton herself with her Mercury in Scorpio. She activated the negative aspect of her Scorpio side when she accused Donald Trump of using words against women and it came back to haunt her with the sexting emails of Weiner and his wife Homa.

Moon in Scorpio on 31 Oct till 1 Nov will give us a very good indication if the FBI releases any more info or damaging news comes about her. Moon will be in her 12th house of Secrets if this comes out and will confirm her morning birth time. Ironically Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky jeans incident were discovered when Moon was in Scorpio as well!

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has shown her bias and anger towards the FBI Director James Comey who sent the email to Congress. She is totally wrong in this and clearly has been given incentives by the Hillary camp but Director Comey’s conscience has been provoked and he will do his best to find the answers between 31st Oct and 1st Nov 2016. There is a vindictive power struggle going on now and they may even investigate why Loretta Lynch has made her decision before even seeing the report!

If Donald Trump’s Uranus opp Jupiter is an indication as I mentioned originally at the beginning of the race, then he is set for sudden windfalls through upheavals!

We will keep you updated.

Updated Oct 10th, 2016

Donald Trump really exposed Hillary Clinton in the 2nd Debate.  As we had mentioned before, there are chances for a major peace treaty with Jupiter being in Libra till Aug 2017. Unfortunately, the people supporting Hillary are exactly the same who pushed for the war in Iraq, regime change in Libya and now the Syria debacle. Hillary was instrumental in pushing for the war in Libya which completely destroyed the county and is still creating major problems in that part of the world.

Sending millions of dollars to rebels and the opposition was one of the worst decisions made by the Obama administration and not only fully supported by Hillary Clinton but actually pushed by her aggressively.  The same people easily duped the US to give millions to Al-Qaeda and eventually ISIS fighters.

Donald Trump called Hillary out on all of these points and was correct about the position of the Russians, the Syrian government as well as the Iranians fighting ISIS.  The US still supports the so-called opposition even though they are clueless about who they really are.

Hillary Clinton calling Putin a “thug” is an indication of her readiness to go to war again and being a hawk along with the rest of the Neocon lobby. The likes of Soros, Kagan, Dick Cheney and people controlling The Washington Post make it obvious that she is a sellout, and is leading the USA to another major confrontation in Syria.

It is amazing how CNN keeps talking about Trump in his video 11 years ago just to deflect the damaging emails which exposed her hypocritical attitude towards the voters.  There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that Trump won the 2nd debate hands down but it is totally against the neocon agenda and those who own the media. Hillary seems to have better chances because she is being supported by those whose livelihood depends on wars and who have become oblivious to the needs of the masses. As she said in one of the leaked documents, Hillary doesn’t relate to the middle class at all.

Donald Trump has a Mercury sq Neptune which makes him extremely skillful in negotiations and also like a saint and a con artist put together! If anyone can fix the tax loopholes, it is Donald Trump as he took full advantage of the loopholes and as they say it takes one to know one.

In contrast, with six planets in fixed signs, Hillary has the chart indicative of a ruthless dictator. The only hope is that she comes with Bill Clinton who was instrumental in bringing the peace treaty between Israelis and the Palestinians. This is extremely crucial and Donald Trump is the only one in the race who has talked about peace besides Bill Clinton who may indirectly influence Hillary Clinton in a positive way.

We will keep you updated but it is important to be objective and look at the base character of Hillary. Trump may have found all the loopholes which he now claims to want to fix, but Hillary destroyed all the emails along with the classified documents. There is absolutely no way anyone can lie to Donald Trump and get away with it.  However, Hillary is not really a liar as much as she is extremely secretive, elitist (Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in Leo) and is definitely not a team player.  She will misuse her powers as she has done many times in the past in all her foreign policies while Donald Trump will get the right people and delegate everything. He has an executive ability which Hillary does not.

On the positive side, Hillary shows to be authentic and will sincerely help children and women. At the same time, She couldn’t care less for white men and will pull America into a dangerous confrontation because she is not flexible and doesn’t believe in negotiations – Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio sq Mars, Saturn and Pluto!

Hillary has a chart which shows her to be one who will always be drawn to those with power and can be extremely ruthless as well as vindictive.  Mercury in Scorpio can be positive or negative depending on how you use your vindictive side. Madame Curies used it for research whereas Charles Manson used it to control others. Hillary’s chart is more destructive and can easily be in bed with evil forces. In fact, she will have to use a lot of free choices to sublimate in positive ways. Hillary appears to be aligned to some of the worst enemies of the American people and has already been linked to millions of families being homeless and killed through the wars.

Pluto moving through Hillary’s 7th house (marriage) reflects events relating to her marriage partner Bill Clinton which may make her more moderate towards others, although there is nothing moderate about her chart as it is one of the most radical ones I have seen.  The only other person I can compare her chart to is Condoleezza Rice who has no compassion whatsoever in her chart and was extremely destructive and driven by the same hunger for power.

Even though I believe Donald Trump is very wrong about Iran and their intentions, I was quite shocked how clear he is in his evaluation of the Middle East and his aversion to regime change or nation-building.

#USElections Moon in Scorpio (Sun sign of Hillary Clinton) on 20 Jan 2017 means it is being hijacked by the neocons bent on war not peace. They have taken over the media and creating a diversion and keep harping on what Trump said years ago instead of the very dangerous development already in place in Syria where the only person standing in their way is Putin. 


Hillary Clinton Chances for Presidency

Updated 22 July 2016

There are two charts for Hillary Clinton which makes it difficult till we go through all the vents in her life and figure out which of the two times of births is correct.

Up till now, we were given 8:02 am as the TOB and I made some predictions based on that when we predicted a two-time presidency for Barack Obama. I mentioned at that time that she has a very good chance in Nov 2016. The yellow area in the chart below shows the house Saturn is transiting now. It is moving up in her chart for the next 16 years.

hillary cliinton 8pm 1

Hillary Clinton 8:02 PM

However, this was based on 8:02 pm. Recently, a new time of birth emerged which was AM instead of PM. Based on this original time of birth, Saturn is rising ahead of Donald Trump and her chances increase although we will do a full analysis as both of them have lucky as well as disappointments as well.  If she is born in the evening (8:02 pm) then there is absolutely no way that she can become president. Saturn would be coming down in her chart indicates a time for keeping a low profile like a retirement phase and lack of public response).

hillary cliinton 8am

Hillary Clinton 8:02 AM

Interestingly, this is exactly why I had predicted that Bernie Sanders will not get the public response he needs for the nomination.  In the case of Senator Ted Cruz, I had also predicted that there is no chance for him to get the nomination and in 2020 he will have even less of a chance as Saturn will be at the very bottom of his chart

Our Analysis Using Strip Chart

In astrology, a strip chart is when you take the major milestones on a person’s chart to determine the time of birth.  When Bill Clinton became the President, Jupiter was in Libra in her 4th house (moving to capital and bigger place etc).  On Nov. 2016, Jupiter is back in Libra in her 4th house which is in her favor and shows moving to the capital and a bigger place (unless she bought a house in Washington this year).

It seems her rising sign in Cancer and on election day Moon is on top of her chart which is very positive for publicity and recognition.  Saturn will be close to conjunct to Donald Trump’s chart which is an aspect of disappointment but I will evaluate it again in more detail.

Neptune on top of her chart seems to favor children and seniors as well as the underdog. Although she is getting better aspects from Pluto to her mercury for the next several years, her chart has a stellium (three planets or more) and also in Leo, both fixed signs. She is nothing short of a dictator and definitely not a team player. Her three planets in Leo give her the ego and the lonely eagle aspect Saturn in Leo (Hitler was also born with it) but this is more of air and a rather unapproachable quality.

The best thing she has going for her is that Bill Clinton will be beside her if she becomes president. She has done the most damage by pushing the regime change in Libya which I am sure President Obama regrets. Saturn in 3rd also gives the deliberate way of speaking and Mars in 3rd close to Saturn and Pluto the repressed anger in her voice as if she is scolding and in an aggressive voice close to screaming. The is also a perfect setup for heart-related problems. In fact,

Saturn will be squaring her Moon for the next two years starting from the end of this year which is not only a disappointing aspect but also ages one as well as making them emotionally tough and almost ruthless.

Update 10 Feb 2016: New Hampshire Trump and Sanders win big

As we had mentioned Trump and Sanders both got in very solid footing.

Bernie Sanders has a better chance of changing laws and also to bring about a two-state solution to the Palestinian issue. It has to be a Jewish President who can do it as long as he does not tow the Zionist line and it seems that Bernie Sanders doesn’t.

However, he was instrumental in getting the 100-0 bill against Gaza passed even though hundreds of children were killed and the whole world condemned the action. Both opposed the Iraq war and also were in favor of the Iran nuclear deal. Even though Bernie Sanders is a Polish Jew, he has always been against many of the Zionist policies but he can get away with it without being labeled an antisemitic.

The entire Middle East problem rests of a two-state solution and nothing else. This is the route cause of all the conflicts and the growth of radical elements. The military complex is full of those who do the bidding of the Lobby and their focus is only the continuation of wars for financial control.

Trump won’t do anything about the two-state solution but is not above putting pressure and giving the billions of dollars of aid conditional to the final two-state solution.

Trump will be the best for the economy and he has the best sense of completely turning around the US financial structure and make fantastic deals with China and Mexico etc.

The ideal would be if Bernie Sanders were the President and Trump was the finance/commerce minister! Trump is only interested in the economy.

If Bernie Sanders time was correct then Moon was on top of his chart at the Zenith and he won. We will watch this and keep you updated.

Trump also has Moon in his 8th house and no wonder he will be rewarded for his win and get a lot of donors.

It seems that Hilary Clinton does have Scorpio rising as we mentioned in our last analysis.  There is no way she can win and is, in fact, going into the retirement phase when people tend to keep a low profile.  She is totally oblivious about PR and the ideals of the new generation and brought Gloria Steinem and Madeline Albright, two of the most despised women whose career was full of failures and they even put down the young female voters.  Bush has no chance as well and is, in fact, making sure he won’t win by taking the help of his brother who was one of the worst Presidents in U.S. history.  It is amazing how those who should be criminally prosecuted are sought by these politicians even though they brought some of the worst disasters both economically and militarily.

Trump’s credit is that he is not bought by anyone and this is a huge advantage for him.

Jan 26, 2016: US Elections 2016 is coming close and I am starting this topic which we will continuously update as the progress of the election. There are so many variables but the most important thing for an astrologer is the time of the birth of the candidate. Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact time of births yet for some candidates but will update as soon as new info emerges.

Hilary Clinton

We always used 8:02 pm for the time of birth for Hilary Clinton but in the last few months it has been changed to 8:02 am so the chart is exactly opposite in timing!  She has Scorpio rising and with Saturn moving down in her chart, it is very difficult to see how she could win even though her numbers are strong and everyone says she will be the next President.

If this time is correct then I do not see her as winning at all and in fact, she has to be careful of keeping a high profile as it will lead to negative publicity. She is going into an obscure phase in about two years or so which doesn’t make sense if she were to win the presidency.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has Saturn just starting to move up in his chart and has many years ahead of him to come out in the public and gain public support. He is basically a romantic person at heart (has owned Miss Universe and other Pageants).

He is not a playboy at all but very much a family man. His Venus is in Cancer like Obama and he is very close to his family. Saturn conjunct Venus makes one quite loyal in fact but also insecure when it comes to love matters. All his employees must be like an extended family for him.

Trump is, first of all, a shrewd businessman and doesn’t really care about wars etc but is also very patriotic to the US but not to other countries at all. Venus in Cancer loves good food and he will certainly invest in agriculture and crops.

Although he may want to invest in arms and defense, he is definitely not interested in wars especially if there is no direct threat to the USA. Unlike Bush and Cheney, who betrayed the Americans by dragging into a very costly and unpopular war in Iraq and violated many war crimes act, purely to appease a foreign country, and aided by dual citizens in the congress, I really don’t see Trump ever being pressured into doing that.

Mercury sq Neptune seems to be an asset for most politicians as it makes them very skillful at evading the truth. They justify everything and cannot separate truth from fantasy and they are like a saint and a con artist put together!

Any adverse aspect between Mercury and Neptune does the same thing people wouldn’t know if they are praising them or slapping them. Obama is also born with an adverse Mercury Neptune aspect just like Trump and Justin Trudeau of Canada. They are skillful at changing topics and the main problem is trusting the wrong person. They have emotional misjudgments and Trump will have this problem as well but he has Mercury in a Cardinal sign so he will be able to fend for himself much better.  Justin Trudeau uses his Mercury Neptune aspect to help those with mental problems and Obama is also great at watching out for the underdog.

Bernie Sanders

The time of birth given for Bernie Sanders is 12 am which is suspect as many astrologers use either it (noon although this is midnight) when they don’t have the time of birth. If he was actually born at midnight, then he will have the best chance as Moon will be in his 10th house (zenith) with all the planets moving up in his chart.

He has Mercury in Libra, one of the hallmarks of lawmakers actually as these people have an innate sense of fairness and justice. He is unemotional and is more of a conceptual person than just a worker. He is a team player like Bill Gates who also has Mercury in Libra. Mercury being close to Saturn makes him more practical and having long-range planning.

This is just a brief analysis and I will keep updating this as we get more info as to the time of birth.


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