Saturn in 12 Signs seem to always coincide with world events reflected by those signs.

Keywords for Saturn are laws, curbs, obstacles, embargos, regulations, shortages, rations and the industry, and you will have each of these themes reflected in the sign it is transiting for about two and a half years.

saturn in 12 signs Saturn in 12 Signs Saturn in 12 Signs saturn worldevents
Each planets goes around the Earth in its own orbit and seems to reflect events particular to the nature of that planet. Saturn takes approximately 28 to 29 years to complete its journey in the 12 signs.

In terms of world predictions, Saturn stays in each sign of the zodiac for approximately 2 1/2 years moving from Aries to Pisces perfectly reflecting the qualities of that sign but adding its own productive mark and making it realistic. Transiting in the 2nd house in the US chart, it shows a drain to the economy and financial limitations till end of 2015.

For example, I discovered that when Saturn is in the last degrees of the sign of Sagittarius (speculation and the stock market), it coincides with the market crash. I first observed this when I was researching the Oct 1929 crash when Saturn was late Sagittarius. Based on this, I predicted the October 1987 crash (in our 1986 newsletter Astrotrends). The next crash is slated for Oct 2017!

Interestingly, as the sign of Sagittarius is also related to religion, we made the prediction that before the market crash, there will be scandals affecting some evangelists, and a few months before, the Jim Baker scandal broke in the news!

Pluto has also been in Sagittarius from 1995 till end of Nov 2008, and based on this we had predicted a complete redefining of the market (not just a crash like in the case for Saturn). This is what we are in now and the whole way of doing banking and credit etc is being reevaluated around the world. As Sagittarius is also the sign for transportation, this is the reason why we had indicated that the big car manufacturers will also be affected till end of Nov 2008.

Saturn in Leo from July 2005 till September 2007

Leo is the sign of monarchies and the heart. In our World predictions till the Year 2017, we wrote about end of some monarchies in Mideast, sadness in the House of Windsor, danger to monarchies (Nepal royal family was killed by the young heir), heart attacks of some monarchs (King Fahd died of heart failure) and Egyptian gold mummies excavated. This also symbolized the end of the “Age of the Golden Movies” era and actors from that era.

Saturn in Virgo from September 2007 till April 2010

Virgo is the sign of perfection, trade, service, precision, health products, herbal medicine, and all of these will be affected by this transit. Grassroots movements to help the economy. Precision atomic scales will be invented, conservative values and ideologies will be followed. People will become more frugal and cut short any waste, productivity will go up as the standards are raised. New digital broadcasting standards will be implemented, and emphasis will be one natural remedies and raw food. Natural cures for digestive problems will be instrumental in preventive health care.

Saturn in Libra from April 2010 till October 2012

Libra is a law sign and Saturn in this sign shows administrative skills for those who are born with it. Healthwise, it also “rules” kidneys and the sugar metabolism. Kidney problems will increase but also a cure for diabetes discovered. With Saturn in Libra, we can expect new management and team theories developed. Major reform of the courts, legal and the judicial system. New theories of law and order introduced.

Saturn in Scorpio from Oct 2012 till Sept 2015

saturn_symbols Saturn in 12 Signs Saturn in 12 Signs saturn symbols

Symbols of Saturn

Everyone will be motivated by power now and those in power will become very secretive and dictatorial.

People will tend to be more vindictive and fatalistic as if there is no hope.

Those born with Saturn in Scorpio have a form of unhealthy depression. Increased  violence and sinister activities.

People are usually very self-destructive now.

Excellent time for medical research and major breakthrough cures for uro-genital area related problems.

Cruelty, rape and criminal behavior on the rise but also the movement to curb it.

Hard drugs rampant.

Oil embargo and sanctions on oil and energy. OPEC redefined.

Foundation laid for mining on the Moon,

Gothic and black leather, latex and punk will be in vogue (we had accurately predicted this last time in 1988!), AIDs will be curtailed during this period but also an increase in uro-genital area problems as well as cures. Howard Stern introduced first nude guest when Saturn was in Scorpio,

There will be major mining accidents now and geo-vandalism will be at its worst unfortunately (natural forces used in war).

Misuse of power and torture will go unnoticed till after this transit if over Dec 2014.

Guns will be curtailed especially the assault rifles and large magazines which should not be in the hands of the general public. Violent crime will increase but will lead to stricter gun controls and checks. Mental health issues will be re-evaluated and abuse by practitioners dealt with as well. Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn together show the skeleton logos on many clothing lines. Unfortunately, most of them subconsciously provoke the violent anger and rebelliousness amongst the teenagers who are targeted for this line.

Saturn in Sagittarius from Dec 2014 till Dec 2017

Saturn goes into Sagittarius from 20 December 2014 till 14 June 2015, then again from 18 Sep 2015 till 19 Dec 2017.

Summary: Reforms in religion, education, law and philosophical institutions are characteristics of this period. Judicial system under review. Religious fraud will be exposed. Similar timing to the stock market crashes of 1929 and 1987. Oct 2017 is the next major market correction coming up. This happened in the 80’s when we had correctly predicted the smoking ban in subways and busses. This time the ban will be all over the world. International free trade (just like last time it was between the US, Canada and Mexico).

Immigration laws will be tackled all around the world including the US. Increased refugees from the Middle East will come to a head throughout 2016.

The Stock Market Crash of Oct 1929 happened during in the last degrees of Saturn in Sag and the same thing happened in Oct 1987, which I had predicted in 1986. We had also predicted that there will be major evangelical scandals and Jim Baker and Tammy Baker scandal broke followed by the Market Crash of Oct 1987.

Our logic was based on the fact that Sagittarius reflects the stock market (gambling) and also religion and Saturn is curtailing both.

The next Stock Market Crash will be in Oct 2017 during the last stages of Saturn in Sagittarius. The market will show signs of being unrealistic as it keeps going high before this happens (as early as the end of Dec 2014).

Religion will also be revised and the negative elements curtailed.

You will again have church scandals and fundamentalist revival before the market crash.

Some of the most productive discoveries in the fields of education and astronomy.

Solar cars and other means of transportation including air and water powered (using hydrogen from the water) will be perfected during this period.

We will update the rest of Saturn in 12 Signs in other pages.

Saturn in 12 Signs seem to always coincide with world events reflected by those signs. Each sign reflects its own themes.

Keywords for Saturn are laws, curbs, obstacles, embargos, regulations, shortages, rations and the industry, and you will have each of these themes reflected in the sign it is transiting for about two and a half years.


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