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AstroCards Oracle is one of Hassan Jaffer’s Apps that helps you find answers to your questions by using your subconscious and the Laws of the Universe.


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How Does AstroCards Oracle Work?

AstroCards Oracle is based on the premise that For any question you have, there is always an answer in the Heavens…

I-ching, Tarot, etc are all based on this premise.

The difference with our AstroCards Oracle App is that at least you have some interesting Astrology principles working as well here (Horary Astrology).

So you get to learn some astrological principles at the same time.


How to Use the AstroCards App?

First select a category – OpportunitiesLuck & Love, and Money.

If you want a random answer then just leave the Categories unselected 

You can select either 1, 3, or 5 cards

Now think of a question!

Leave the possibility open that the answers you get may relate to another question in your subconscious rather than the one you are thinking of.

Click the deck to shuffle and keep clicking until you feel comfortable.

Read the interpretation by clicking on Show My Reading.


AstroCards Oracle Categories

There are three Categories to select

1- Opportunity

2- Luck and Love

3- Money

astrocards catogories


AstroCards Oracle Interpretation


astrocards show my reading


Allow your subconscious to guide your intuition and use the answers with a grain of salt. This is not really a game just for entertainment as it often gives amazing answers but doesn’t use it as the only deciding factor.

Use it as an interesting insight into your own intuition. The answers are based on astrological houses and planets so you get to learn astrology as well.

Don’t base important decisions in life based on the AstroCard Oracle alone but use it to access your subconscious mind.

Meaning of the Suits, Face cards, and card numbers (these are just normal 52 playing cards).





Trust your own intuition. After all, you are the one who is going through the experiences that the cards reveal in some symbolic way.

Clear your mind of all negative thoughts and trust Nature to guide you in finding solutions to your queries.

Think of a question and keep shuffling the cards till you feel comfortable.

Then keep the cards down and start drawing a card from anywhere in the deck and put it face up.

Check the interpretation and draw the next card.

Start with five cards in the beginning for each question.

Add more cards and get a feel for new questions being answered.

You may even get answers to other questions instead of the one you were thinking of!

Here are a few examples that should help clarify how my AstroCard Oracle works.

Some Examples of AstroCards Oracle by HJ

Q: Will I be able to buy the house I want?

The cards drawn were Queen of DiamondsFour of SpadeEight of DiamondFour of Hearts, and Five of Hearts.

A: The client asking the question was a Leo (Queen of Diamonds), the first card perfectly describes her.

This was her Identity card.

Four of Spade indicates that she will have some problems (Spade) with residential property (4th house).

However, I mentioned to her that if she renovated it and turned it into an investment property, she would do extremely well (Eight of Diamonds).

Once she turns it into an investment property, she should not have any problem buying a beautiful home that she could decorate (Four of Hearts).

Soon after, she will have a lovely child from someone she loves (Five of Hearts).

In actual fact, the lady bought a house and ended up fixing the basement. As she was about to move, the basement flooded and she had to have it repaired. (Mars was transiting her 4th house). She got fed up with it and started to look for more houses. She found a huge estate near the airport (Jupiter was transiting her 8th house), bought it, rented the first place, and moved into her new house.

She completely renovated it, making it like a model home, and moved in. Soon after, she had a love child with a younger man who she had fallen passionately in love (Five of Hearts).

She eventually had two children, got married, and is still living in the same place and collecting rent from the first one!

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Some More Tips for AstroCards:

Learn to recognize some key cards, Four (home and family), Hearts for love, Spade for something not right (if Six involved then health or Hearts then love with a married person, etc.).

Three of Spades often comes up when you are having delays in communication. The more red cards you get, the better it is for success and happiness.

Diamonds are for business success and Hearts are for emotional happiness. If you get a lot of Spade cards, then either reshuffle them or recognize that some renovations may be required or someone’s health may need attention. Spade after some Hearts card shows restrictive love.

Clubs always represent opportunities and Ace is obviously reflective of a big opportunity. If the next card is Ten of Diamond, then it related to a successful business deal

If the next card was Seven of Hearts, then the luck would have been with love or marriage!

Remember that Jack refers to foreigners, teachers, or diplomats and also those who are philosophical in their outlook towards life.

The age for the cards of Jack is between 35 and 45 years. Queen is usually symbolic of 40 to 50 yrs. old women, mother.

Mother-in-law (Queen of Spade especially if she is mean and controlling!).

Kings usually represent men in their 50’s and father figures.

Good Luck and no more Card Tricks! Here is the link to get your AstroCards Oracle and sharpen your intuition:

Buy it Now from Google Play for your Android Devices


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