Astrology of Earthquakes

Astrology of Earthquakes makes us wonder if there is any correlation between planetary aspects and earthquakes.

In the astrology of earthquakes, we research this ongoing phenomenon to help understand the planetary correlation so we can forewarn such events in the future.

What are the main aspects to look for and what should we be looking for?

There are three ways we look to see if we can forewarn an earthquake.

Astrology of Earthquakes looks at all the planetary aspects involved and takes into consideration the Sun and Moon alignments as well as the major planetary aspects.


Quakemexico Earthquake


1- Planetary Patterns in the Sky

Disruptive patterns in the sky are trying to pull the earth off its orbit. Physical gravity-related patterns.

Last week I mentioned the earthquakes being caused by the grand cross in the sky and today we had a 7.5 Earthquake in Guerrero, Mexico. Tarapaca,

When planets are bunched together in certain formations, they seem to instigate gravitational pull on the earth.

This is more of an astronomical event and doesn’t require any intuition, just observation.

Sometimes it coincides with the Full Moon (the recent total lunar eclipse) especially if there are storms and ocean tides also involved.

It may even be the combined effect of gravity-related patterns.

“The lunar eclipse of 15th April 2014 is significant only because there is a grand square in the sky as well.

This will create a lot of stress on the tectonic plates as the planets try to pull the earth off its orbit and you will find more earthquakes during this period.”

The angles between the planets are known to coincide with electromagnetic interference and affect radio waves.

We still have to do a lot of research on the correlation between transiting aspects and geomagnetic storms.

In Mexico, Pluto was in Capricorn (major earth shifts and something we have mentioned before ( in the 8th house (a Scorpio house) opp Jupiter, both squared by Mars and Uranus.

I talked about the grand squares last year when unfortunately we have a few more coming up this year.

2- Impact on the Public

If a major earthquake happened in a populated area, what impact would you expect in people’s lives?

In the astrology of earthquakes, we look at this from an astrologer’s point of view to see all the common elements in the charts of fellow human beings, putting oneself in their place and imagining how it would impact everyone.

Chile’s earthquake was also during a grand square and Moon came in an opposition to Saturn (sadness for families and homes damaged).

Today the earthquake in Guerrero, Mexico happened while the Moon is in Sagittarius (the sign of philosophy and religion and prayers, and it happened during Easter).

If it had happened even a day or so before while Moon was in Scorpio close to Saturn, it would have been much more traumatic.

3- Location of The Earthquake

Earthquakes usually happen along with all the tectonic vulnerabilities not just in one place. They impact one or two major cities near its epicenter.  For astrology of earthquakes, we need more tools for this to do a dynamic analysis and I am developing these along with our other software.

This is a big project and one that will benefit a lot of people and is worth investing in.

It would be wonderful if the impact of astrology on earthquakes was recognized by governments as a very important tool in the future.

Each country seems to have a personality of its own and I am still debating how we can combine all three elements in our predictive analysis.

Uranus in Pisces and The Japan Tsunami

When I was warning about the major tsunami in the Pacific Ocean, Uranus (sudden upheavals) was moving away from the sign of Pisces (ocean).

It was Uranus in Pieces which was the basis of my World Prediction which unfortunately came true.

My only regret was that nobody listened to our warning and we were not able to save lives even though I had been warning for almost two years.

Several times over the years I had mentioned the first and the last degrees of Uranus in Pisces will be critical.

The first one coincided with the tsunami in Sumatra and the last one was the Japan Taunmi on 11th March 2011, not even one day off!

However, this was not a planetary aspect but just a planet  (Uranus = upheavals but why?) in the last degrees of Pisces (ocean).

How does this symbology reflect something major and very real happening on Earth?

The next day was the beginning of my next prediction about explosions and fire in Nuclear stations which happened in Fukushima on 12th March exactly when Uranus (nuclear) went into Aries (fire).

These are more or less direct correlations with the essence of what each planet stands for and how it seems to somehow reflect events happening around the world.


Questions for Further Research

Heliocentric positions of the planets

In the 1940s, the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) hired John Nelson to improve the reliability of short-wave radio communications around the Earth.

Nelson’s research correlated the rising and falling radio interference with not only the sunspot cycle but with the motions of the major planets of the solar system.

The angles were found to be the traditional astrological squares and oppositions between Jupiter and Saturn.


More Earthquakes?

On 23rd April 2014, the grand cross in the sky is exactly 13 degrees for each planet involved Mars 13 Libra, Jupiter 13 Cancer, Uranus 13 Aries, and Pluto 13 Capricorn!

Moon in Aquarius sq Saturn sad news relating to aviation, nuclear facilities, the electronics industry (hacking affecting everyone), and magnetic storms.

The grand cross is still brewing and it gives even more relevance to the astrology of earthquakes.


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