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April 10, 2015by Hassan Jaffer








Mercury Retrograde always coincides with delays in communication and forgetfulness etc. Every time NASA tried to send a shuttle when Mercury was retrograde, it was always delayed, so we know they don’t use astrologers!

For real estate people, buyers are more cautious and indecisiveness now.  Mercury retrograde mainly affects anything which has to do with communication (telephones, cell, emails, fax, twitter) and all electronic gadgets. here is increased miscommunication caused by forgetfulness.


Here is a checklist so you can be better prepared for it:

– There will be communication delays everywhere so give yourself extra time for all your projects.

– Make duplicate keys in case you misplace them which is very common during this period.

– Miscommunication is a hallmark of the Mercury Retrograde period.  This is not the best time to buy any gadgets or change your phone plans.

– Edit your writings as it is easy to make spelling or grammatical mistakes

– If you are traveling, make sure you have backups of your keys and photocopy of your driver’s license and passport etc stored somewhere safe.

– Make sure the cell phone bills are paid up otherwise you will be left without communication. Same thing with all communication gadgets.

– It is an excellent time for research and going back over existing work rather than starting new projects.

– Mercury retrograde will affect news concerning Apple, Samsung, Google as well as any telecommunication related companies.

– Stocks for internet or telecoms will be volatile. Misleading news about the above-mentioned stocks.

– Very inventive period for new technology.

– Mixed appointments and not being able to get hold of people.

– Don’t change your telephone numbers now (do it either before or after).

– Backup important files as it is easy to forget to save and also for hard drives to crash or accidentally erasing files.

– Don’t get locked out of cars if you have the ones where you could lock yourself out, especially if it is running.

Hassan Jaffer

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