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November 20, 2019by Hassan Jaffer0

Jupiter in Capricorn from 2 Dec2019 till 18 Dec 2020 points to a major shift in the attitude of people to a much more conservative value.

Capricorn rules skin, teeth and bones, Archaeology, ancient structures, paleontology, dinosaurs, manufacturing, large industries and all of these stand to gain during this transit.

From last year, Jupiter has been in the sign of Sagittarius and there was a major boom in immigration, astronomy and even astrology sites. We also saw millions of immigrants everywhere and even laws in favor of illegal immigrants.

Sanctuary cities defying the govt orders were ignored. Judges routinely abused their powers especially female judges who were more likely to be liberal-minded. There were many unscrupulous immigration lawyers and social services using govt money to make a profit off illegal immigrants as well.

Starting 2 Dec 2019, everyone will have to work harder and welfare handouts will be curtailed. Immigration will become touch all around the world and illegal border crossings will be all but eliminated.

As we had mentioned in 2018, Jupiter in Sagittarius has been a bonus for mass immigration and liberal policies around the world when it comes to letting immigrants in with open arms.

There won’t be any govt handouts and hard work and merits rather than liberal values will prevail. Judges will not be able to block immigration laws and sanctuary cities may come under scrutiny as well.

There will be a drive towards building huge structures and massive construction will follow.

Conservatives in Power

As Jupiter moves into the sign of Capricorn, there is a new ideology coming up with much more conservative values.  With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, the governments will become tough with illegal immigrants and strictly enforce the existing laws.

Brexit in the UK

Brexit will most likely pass early next year, and the conservative movement will gain in politics. This favors Boris Johnson as the change in starts from the first week in Dec 2019.

From 2 Dec 2019 till 19 Dec 2020, Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in its once in 12 years cycle.  This is exactly reflective of the attitudes changing for the Border Wall in the USA, Brexit in UK  and mass immigration being curtailed everywhere. If they have election again in the UK then Boris Johnson will most likely have a resounding majority and the Brexit passed even if it is delayed to Jan 2020.

Huge Construction Projects

There will be massive construction projects including housing, roads, bridges and the infrastructure. Donald Trump will be in his element as he is a builder and the society will be much more pragmatic and more concerned about actual projects and issues rather than ideology.

China will gain a lot as they have a lot of experience in this already having done large projects in many countries. Rebuilding war-torn countries will be a major emphasis throughout 2010.

Border Wall in the USA

Trump’s border wall will probably be finished during this phase also and it will have the blessing of most Americans as their ideology will change with Jupiter in Capricorn. However, legal immigration quotas will likely increase.

The US 2020 Election in Nov 2020 falls within the Jupiter in Capricorn 12-year cycle and favors the Conservatives and Donald Trump.

Major Archaeology Discoveries

There will be major findings in Archaeology and ancient fossil discoveries will increase. This is beneficial for Egypt and old civilizations.

Scientists 3-D Print Skin That Develops Working Blood Vessels! Skin and 3D printing are both Capricorn themes and this may become reality in 2010 when Jupiter is in Cap helped by Saturn and especially Pluto (life and death events) in Capricorn as well. The research, done at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and Yale University, uses living human skin cells turned into a liquid “bio-ink.” The bio-ink is used to print artificial skin, which then grows its own blood vessel system.

Hassan Jaffer

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