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November 26, 2016by Hassan Jaffer0

Jan to Sep World Events 2016

Update 15 June 2016:  I wrote the article on 14 Nov 2015 and here is the oil prices graph exactly what we forecast:

crude index

There is a major opportunity for oil ETFs till the end of July but goes away from Aug onwards.

The violence we indicated, unfortunately, has also coincided with Mars in Scorpio and the heat will be back fro refugees and immigration issues.

I have updated our last forecast with the latest developments which seem to be mainly about violence (Mars in Scorpio has coincided with 50 people shot at a gay bar) and immigration issues. These will be more in the news from beginning Aug when Mars moves in Sagittarius, a very volatile period for the stocks.

Jupiter goes into Libra from 9th Sep indicating and end of conservative thinking and much more Liberal agenda. Ironically, Hillary is much more conservative and hawkish than Donald Trump, who is much more in favor of peace the Hillary. He has even promised to do his best to negotiate a deal with the Palestinians for a two state solution and to remain neutral with Israel. I will write about it more in Sep when Jupiter moves into Libra. There is a major Peace Treaty coming up from Sep 2016 till Sep 2017 and this is the most important event in the history of the world. Trump is the only candidate who has talked about it and he is also extremely intuitive Mercury in Cancer sq Neptune).

Published 14 Nov 2015

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Jan to Sep World Events 2016 is a very volatile period and not good for gas prices as well as middle east violence.  Although Saturn is not in Scorpio anymore, Mars will be making a station from Jan 2015 till end Sep 2016 in just two signs – Scorpio and Sagittarius

There was a Nightmare period for Putin and Hollande’s generation from Nov till Dec 2015 which unfortunately materialized with Egypt disaster and the recent Paris attacks and loss of so many innocent lives. Netanyahu’s age group also may set themselves for major repercussions during these two months.

Mars will be in Scorpio from 4 Jan to 5 Mar 2016 and 28 May to 2 Aug 2016 (oil prices up, wars, violence as well as lethal ammunition but also inventions related to avionics and major medical discoveries.

This is also a mentally stressful period for everyone born in the late 1920s, 1950s and 1960s age group. Obama and Basher Assad of Syria’s age group.

Mars will be in Sagittarius from 6 Mar to 27 May 2016 and 3 Aug to 28 Sep 2016 (religion, transportation, aviation, education, schools and universities, immigration and immigrants).

This is also a mentally stressful period for everyone born in the late 30s, early 1940s, and 1970s age group. Justin Trudeau age group.

During this period i.e. Jan to end of Sep 2016, we can expect:

– Oil prices down and very volatile especially during Jan, Feb, and June and July 2016

– Stock market very volatile especially during March, April, May, Aug and Sep 2016

– Increased religious sectarian violence

– Increases Russian involvement throughout 2016 in Syria and possibly Iraq

– Increased airplane crashes and aviation-related incidents leading to new laws and regulations

– Schools, colleges and universities in danger of shootings  and violence

– Increased push to change textbooks due to religious or political revisions

– Mass immigration but also new regulations to restrict immigration

– Increased scrutiny of immigrants

– Destructive weapons and nuclear arsenal revealed

– Push towards DNA databases for criminals as well as new immigrants

On the positive side, there will be increased spending on mental illnesses

– The surge in online courses and govt funding for literacy programs

– The research leading to cures for ovarian and prostate cancer

– Increased funding for space missions and astronomy breakthroughs

– New ways of incorporation immersion 3D technology for educational purposes

– Mass publication of digital forms of rare books

– Research in the brain leads to better forms of learning

– Focus on Educational games

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Hassan Jaffer

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