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July 31, 2014by Hassan Jaffer

Saturn in 12 Signs

Saturn in 12 Signs seems to always coincide with world events reflected by those signs.

Keywords for Saturn are laws, curbs, obstacles, embargos, regulations, shortages, rations and the manufacturing industry, and you will have each of these themes reflected in the sign it is transiting for about two and a half years.

Each planet goes around the Earth in its own orbit and seems to reflect events particular to the nature of that planet. Saturn takes approximately 28 to 29 years to complete its journey in the 12 signs.  Transiting in the 2nd house in the US chart, it shows a drain to the economy and financial limitations till the end of 2015.

We look at how is Saturn in Scorpio accurately reflecting events around the world? When is the next major Stock Market Crash? Will there be an end to global violence?  When is the most productive period in mass education coming?

Hassan Jaffer

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