Stock Market Crash of Oct 2017

October 2, 2017by Hassan Jaffer

stock market crash

Stock Market Crash of Oct 2017

Stock Market Crash of Oct 2017 is very near!!

In 1986, I wrote about the market crash of Oct 1987 and it happened when we predicted based on Saturn in Sagittarius (same as the 1929 crash).

17th Oct 2017 is a dark day for the Stock Market

(There are other days but this is one of the days when the mood of the public is pessimistic.)

At the same time, we also predicted the market crash for Oct 2017. We can at least expect a major correction as Saturn represents curbs and realistic values and Sag is the sign of gambling. This is exactly how the market has become unrealistic speculative.

However, invest at your own risk and call us to have your chart analyzed if you want to invest, as each chart is different and the timing is very critical.

Millions will gain and millions will lose in the stock market in Oct 2017!

After the Oct 2017 date, the Next  Major Stock Market Crash is in Oct 2046!!

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