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September 21, 2017

World Events Graph is a feature of our Astrocalendar & Oracle subscribers but I may make it a separate service on our website in future. It will have a database of 6000 paras attached to it so you will see the report as well for what to expect in the world!

Most Subscribers are not even aware of it but when you go to the Synastry page for compatibility, the graph that you see by default (before adding any person’s birthdate to compare) has today’s date for both fields.  In other words, it is giving you a graph for Today and the mood of the world!

I have a database connected to it with over 6000 paras but have not made that available yet. For our Subscribers, at least the World Graph will always be available and even without the full interpretation, you can understand its meaning.

Here are the main differences between your relationships and world events.

Communication becomes Diplomacy. Diplomacy at the world level is the same as having Green bar for Communication between two people.

Conflict – Green or Red bar shows the degree of War-mongering going on and military threats.

Emotional Reaction becomes War or words and angry rhetoric to incite

Wellbeing becomes Sadness for the nation (Kennedy Assassination shows this), destruction of homes and families.

Obsession (which is a nightmare theme in personal relationships) becomes Ocean related mishaps, epidemics, hurricanes, ship sinkings, and  political scandals

Here is the graph for Personal Compatibility (what one person does for the other, and you can switch birthdates to see what the other person does for the first one).

Here is the World Events Graph which is the same graph but showing the World Trends:



This is the day when Trump gave his fiery speech threatening genocide with North Korea. I am sure that is not what he intended but the war hawks controlling the Senate and foreign affairs certainly made use of his outspoken and off the cuff temperament.  Luckily, you can see the conflict is not highlighted (which translates into Wars and Military actions).

It is sad that Diplomacy, which is at its highest, is not being used at all as the military complex controls the media, the presidents and is also manipulated by foreign powers.

As you can also see, the Ocean related disasters are still on and we have the new hurricane active in Puerto Rico right now.

So for all the Astrocalendar subscribers, have a look at this graph every day and you will have a good idea of what is really going on behind the World Events and what to focus on.

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