World Predictions 2017

June 30, 2016by Hassan Jaffer0

world predictions 2017

World Predictions 2017

World Predictions 2017 start with one of the most positive elements. Jupiter is in Libra from Sep 2016 till 9th Oct 2017. This is the sign of peace treaties and we are hoping that Donald Trump, who was born with Jupiter in Libra, will herald a new policy of peace and harmony around the world rather than the continuation of war and hassles.

In fact, we had predicted his victory partly based on that as there is supposed to be major peace treaties this year.

Obama is born with a Moon sq Pluto which is the hallmark of a radical visionary (exactly like his real father “uncle” Frank Marshal! Even though he is an excellent orator, the Moon sq Pluto was instrumental in destroying and displacing thousands of families in Libya and Syria.

The last two or three weeks will be the most destructive from his administration but will not work out as many of his policies will be discredited. McCain will try his best to derail the peace talks but will be sidelined by the Trump administration.

Obama has a major accident configuration already in effect until Summer 2017. This indicates wrong timing, legal hassles, lashing out of anger and frustration, running out of time and out of desperation. It is a dangerous aspect of the heart in the long run and happens every seven years.

Saturn in Sagittarius indicates major reforms in immigration before mid-Dec 2017. Illegal immigration will be curtailed and new laws implemented to restrict the number and more scrutiny placed on immigrants from the Middle East (Sag countries).

Saturn in Sagittarius will reflect on the stock market crash in Oct 2017 and will come right after a major scandal in religion unless there are voluntary reforms introduced in religious institutions.

Saturn in Sagittarius also indicates faster airplanes and other modes of transportation by mid-Dec 2017 although the manufacturing will take place in the next three years with Saturn in Capricorn (manufacturing)

Donald Trump will turn the economy around especially the job market and will surprise everyone with his deal-making. He has the chart of a saint and a con artist and will outsmart all the crooks and plug in the loopholes in the tax system, which will be reduced to stimulate the economy.

He is in a saving mode now and will get along extremely well with Putin. they will together be instrumental in bringing peace to many factions of the Middle East starting with Syria.

The car industry will flourish again in the USA and new cars will be introduced much more efficient fuel, solar and electric energy. Mass communication will be incorporated into mass transportation and reduce road accidents.

There is a major accident configuration coming around the inauguration of Donald Trump and the Moon will be in Scorpio on 20th Jan 2017, indicating a lot of vindictiveness and it is only because of Putin and Trump that we will avoid another war. Major hassles in the last week of Jan 2017 but Feb is when the real test of the ’40s age group is coming up (Putin, Trump, Clintons etc).


Stressful Dates by Age Group

Here are the stressful periods coming up for the 1940s, 50s, and 80s age groups.

This is the time when you become obsessed with everything you do and many
drug addicts, alcoholics as well as some of the most successful people
are born with it. Although obsession may be your destined essential, you
can choose art, music, saving people, astrology, research and even
perfumes, as your obsession instead of drugs and alcohol.

Those born in the 30s and 70s (many blues singers) have to be careful in Jan and end Apr to May 2017.

Those born in the 40s 50s, also 80s and 90s (Trump, Clintons, Putin) have the stressful period in Feb and June 2017.

Those born in the 20s (stars from Age of the Golden Movies), 60s (Obama and Tom Cruise age group) and children born between 1998 and 2011.

– You need more rest and sleep to recuperate

– Your immune system is down so pace yourself

– Avoid drugs and alcohol

– Avoid fraudulent schemes and scandals

– Wrong intuition now so don’t jump the gun

– Easy to come to wrong conclusions now

– Sublimate this obsessive period through art or music

– You are more prone to allergic reactions

– Don’t take unnecessary chances

– Stay away from guns and knives

– Avoid being confrontational

– Avoid watching horror films as it increases the nightmare theme even more

We wish all of you a very happy and healthy 2017 and hope you start it with a very positive attitude towards life and the world in general.

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Hassan Jaffer

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