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February 21, 2016by Hassan Jaffer0

Your Horoscope Never Dies!


Your horoscope belongs to the soul and never dies even after the person is gone!  You can easily check this using the Moon Transits in Astrocalendar & Oracle. Moon was in Leo on 20th Feb 2016 and two events happen, one in the life of Justice Antonin Scalia and the other in Hilary Clinton’s life.

Here is a short analysis of just one astrological theme- Moon in the 10th house of fame and recognition (or notoriety!) in the lives of Justice Scalia, Hilary Clinton and also Princess Diana.

Justice Scalia and Hilary Clinton both had Moon in their 10th house of fame and recognition and it perfectly reflected their 10th house theme. Of course, you have to achieve something in life to deserve the recognition as well.

CNN broadcast the live funeral ceremony for Justice Scalia and millions witnessed it. Hillary Clinton had Moon in her 10th house and she won the Democratic Party caucuses in Nevada (which means she probably does have Scorpio rising and Saturn moving down in her obscure phase which doesn’t bode well for the election).

Millions of people around North America and the world saw the funeral mass of the Supreme court Justice Scalia, full of pageantry and honors (Moon in Leo), and the 10th house being activated the fame and recognition area in his chart. For two days before, the Moon was in his 9th house and the emphasis was on prayers and philosophy.

In Princess Diana’s case, the Moon was in Leo in the 8th house (life and death) when she had the accident (Moon in Leo = royalty). It had just been in her 7th (marriage) and she had just got the 250,000 pounds engagement ring. After being in the 8th house, the Moon went into her 9th house and she was flown to the airport and to the capital of a country (all from AstroCalendar).

She was in St. James Palace with priests and the emphasis at that time was also on religion, prayers, and priests around her.  When Moon went into her 10th house (same as Justice Scalia), more than a billion people watched her funeral. The Moon was in Scorpio and the masses experienced a shock which made them re-evaluate their own life (all Scorpio themes).

Whether the person is alive or not, Moon in the 10th will still show fame and recognition for them!

This is the reason I believe that the soul never dies and you can see events long after the person has gone.  Everyone starts talking about Beethoven and everyone is playing the Moonlight Sonata, and surer enough you find that he has Moon in his 10th house!

Of course, there could be one other explanation: When a person is born, the chart is a reflection of the interaction of parents charts and that genesis perfectly reflected in the natal chart.  You can literally trace generations before in your natal chart! The future transits (just the potential of events, not the events themselves) are also already mapped out.  The only thing which is our free choice is how we offset a theme reflected in the natal chart which affects the future transits, but that is a whole other topic!

Hassan Jaffer

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