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Jupiter in Scorpio 15OCT2017 Jupiter in Scorpio happens once in 12 years as Jupiter is  12 Years cycle. Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio from 10 Oct 2017 to 8 Nov 2018. Jupiter reflects the opportunities and events around the world depending on the sign it is in. In your natal chart (unique to yourself and...

Hassan Jaffer Youtube Videos Visit our Youtube channel Hassan Jaffer YouTube Videos. You will learn a lot about life and yourself and life in general when you go through HJ Interviews, Chart Analysis, World Forecast, Conspiracies, and Inspirational. Let us know whose analysis you would like to see, from Mozart to Einstein or anyone else....

Stock Market Crash of Oct 2017 02OCT2017 Stock Market Crash of Oct 2017 is very near!! In 1986, I wrote about the market crash of Oct 1987 and it happened when we predicted based on Saturn in Sagittarius (same as the 1929 crash). 17th Oct 2017 is a dark day for the Stock Market (There...

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Every child has the potential to become a champion!  Let Kids Dream Inc. is dedicated to finding the highest potential and hidden talents of children and youth.


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